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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Say Thank You To Dad

With Father’s Day fast approaching on 20th June, it’s that time of the year to spoil and pamper the dads, grandpas, husbands and all father figures who have been the supporting pillars in our life.

Buying a gift for the man who isn’t always vocal about what he wants and/ or needs can be tricky, but is no excuse to skimp on the celebrations – to help you breeze through the process, we have curated a list to make him feel loved and cared for based on his unique personality type.

For the dad who loves to cook
For the Masterchef in the household, surprise him with a brand-new air fryer or quirky pasta maker to try out some new recipes. If he is a fan of his morning cup of joe, make his day by presenting to him a coffee machine or a bag of his favourite beans from a local café.

Alternatively, if dad has been into healthy eating, opt for a snack subscription box to show your support. There are also tons of online classes available that you can sign up for and rope in the rest of the family for some quality bonding time.

For the dad who loves his me-time

Oftentimes, our dads forget to take a pause from the daily hustle to pamper and indulge in some self-care. If your budget allows, gifting him a massage device could help soothe his tired muscles or perhaps an ergonomic chair to boost his workdays.

There are also other affordable options such as skincare or shaving kits to get him started on a new routine – because dad will agree that nothing feels better than a high-quality shave.

Shower the gentleman in your life with Daddy Cool – in collaboration with Employees Only (EO),  this specially curated set comes with a hand-tied bouquet and bespoke cocktail for dad to kick back and relax. Available for delivery in the afternoon of 18th, 19th and 20th June, make sure to make your bookings early to get them delivered and avoid disappointment.

For the dad who is a workaholic

To help him stay organised and top of his game even while working from home, a classic leather notebook or blue light glasses to protect his eyes from staring at a computer screen all day could be just what he needs. Another option would be to gift him a brand new shirt in his favourite colour that he can don on for his next Zoom meeting.

Remind dad to instil some work-life balance back into his day by getting him Summer Something, featuring florals in warm candy colours and lush foliage that is sure to boost his mood.

For the dad who loves tech

It’s safe to say that the majority of dads are into all things tech – with most of us now working from home, this is a great opportunity to encourage him to take care of his health, learn something new or start a new hobby.

There are plenty of apps that are easy on the budget that you can subscribe to that dad can turn to in his free time, whether he is into coding and music to photography. Getting a cool pair of noise-cancelling earphones is also a great idea for helping him tune out the noise and stay productive throughout his workday, or for those post workday jam-out sessions to his favourite tunes.

Floral arrangements are also a great way to help dad focus – our Clean and Green arrangement combines fresh whites and a touch of pastels to add a pop of colour into dad’s life without being overwhelming.

For the dad who is into sustainability 

If dad has been becoming more conscious of his impact on Mother Earth, he will adore the idea of bringing eco-friendly florals into the home. Have a chat with our creative florists and customise either a one-off arrangement for Dad in celebration of Father’s Day, or organise a weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly delivery of floral subscriptions to celebrate him all year round.

You can also sign up for a flower workshop in Singapore and DIY an arrangement just for him to not just express your appreciation but also encourage him in his sustainability efforts. Better still, sign the both of you up to enjoy some time together getting hands-on creative with flowers.

Final thoughts

No matter what you decide to give, Father’s Day is a great time of the year for us to say thank you to dad for all that he is. When it comes to the best gift, it’s the thought that counts, and there are plenty of gifts for all budgets that will make his day.

Start your preparations by browsing our specially selected flowers in Singapore for Father’s Day and have them lovingly prepared and sent right to your doorstep.

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