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Flower Power: Why Everyone Should Get Blooms In A Pandemic

Flowers are often portrayed as a symbol of romance and given to others as an expression of love and affection. However, florals can express beyond romance; they also promise a myriad of other benefits and purposes often overlooked for their social value.

During this pandemic, chances are many aspects of your lifestyle have changed drastically. Bringing nature indoors value-add to our lives in unexpected ways, whether by regulating our mood or mimicking a natural environment, so maximise their benefits by including them in your daily self-care routine. Here are some reasons why flowers are important in getting us through this pandemic.

Reduce stress and anxiety

It has been scientifically proven that flowers trigger dopamine and serotonin production in our brains. These hormones are in charge of regulating our mood and happiness, which in turn keeps us going about our daily functions and allows us to balance our emotions through the ebbs and flows of our surroundings and circumstances.

Our brains are wired to be naturally attuned to nature and the flora and fauna within it. Bright colours and a variety of flowers stimulate dopamine production, so if you are looking to treat yourself, go ahead and purchase that stunning bouquet you have always wanted.

Dr Nancy Etcof, a clinical psychologist at Harvard, conducted a study about the impact of flowers on one's mental health. It showed that flowers can make one more compassionate and kinder in their interactions with others. Also, it proved that surrounding ourselves with natural beauty makes us more positive and increases satisfaction as we progress with our daily activities.

Consider getting daily flowers with a colour palette of blush tones and deep, berry reds, or keep it classic with an arrangement of cream flowers with deep green leaves, so you can start your day on the right note with these natural dopamine boosters.

Breathe life into any home

Aside from leaving them by your bedside or on the coffee table, there are numerous other ways to include flowers in your home. Since we are spending more time at home, make your space more aesthetically pleasing with the help of some blooms.

Incorporate them as part of your house decor with a simple vase on the dining table, or keep them next to you on your desk to liven up your workspace as you work from home. Flowers have also been proven to encourage innovative thinking and improve productivity, so if you are ever confronted with a mental block, consider adding a vase of your favourite blooms to your workspace.

Maintaining and caring for your blooms takes a little effort that goes a long way . You can keep your flowers fresh and prolong their benefits by changing their water daily and trimming their stems every few days. Keep them out of direct sunlight and leave them in the shade to prevent wilting. If necessary, you can also stunt bacterial growth with a sterilisation tablet, such as Milton. But if you lack time to care for your flowers, consider a subscription of fresh flowers and tailor the delivery schedule according to your needs.

Get in touch with nature

You are probably spending more time indoors during the pandemic, and immersing yourself in nature may be more difficult than usual. Get back in touch with nature within the comforts of your home by arranging your own flowers. Arranging flowers promotes muscle memory and dexterity as you practise your fine motor skills, and it is a new relaxing hobby you can pick up to stay creative and inspired during the pandemic.

Consider signing up for a flower workshop in Singapore and learn to recreate these arrangements anytime. Charlotte Puxley Flowers runs workshops regularly and also accommodates requests for  private classes over Zoom, so gather a bunch of friends to spend a lovely morning making flowers together.

Final thoughts

As proven by science, flowers offer more than just aesthetic value. Their many uses have the potential to uplift your mood and general well-being, so maximise their potential and utilise them to help you live a healthier and happier lifestyle during this pandemic. 

At Charlotte Puxley Flowers, we have something for everyone, be it our Daily Florals and Flower Subscription packages to flower workshops that familiarise you with the practice of floral arrangements and care. To get started, browse through our shop as you contemplate the best way to incorporate flowers into your lifestyle.

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