intro vase workshop on 18 april, 6-8pm


Charlotte Puxley Flowers is a floral studio based in Singapore, established in 2015 by Charlotte.

A Londoner with six years of experience on the British floral scene prior to opening up shop in Singapore. Charlotte brought her English countryside style and adapted it to the tropics.

The studio constantly focuses on celebrating the natural beauty of flowers and foliage, inspired to create by their uniqueness and

We share our knowledge in the form of workshops, online classes and having created works for a whole spectrum of clients, from
couples to established brands.

Our goal is to add floral architecture to indoor spaces in Singapore, enhancing the appreciation of nature.

Our Style

We aim to bring people into the present, with the appreciation of the fleeting ness of flowers.

With touches of the English countryside, yet adapted to the tropics we embrace what is around us.

Our style of constantly evolving, tweaking and progressing. The team works in an open way, that ensures creativity is always at the heart of what we do.

Reflecting the wild and wonderful, striving to demonstrate the true nature of plants.

We focus on unexpected colour palettes, textural elements and form to bring each arrangement to life. Each creation is individual and unique in its expression.


The significance of our environmental impact as an industry is something we feel responsible and passionate about. It is not about simply solving one issue, but committing to the marathon that is change. Striving to constantly improve and being as aware as we possible can of our actions.

Most importantly we are looking into our supply chains. We have taken on the endeavour to grow our own flowers. We aim to source more flowers that are grown locally and regionally, in the years to come instead of importing all our flowers from abroad to lessen our carbon footprint.

Our daily practices in the studio include recycling plastic and paper waste and eliminating the use of floral foam.
Put all our plant waste to compost by 2023
By 2024 we aim to have our drivers using electric cars

The Team and the Studio

We are a team inspired with creativity ready to roll, and care is at the centre of everything we do. Using nature to convey messages, reflect emotions to mark the milestones with you.

After having been in the iconic blue building for two years, a facelift was due to give our studio a refresh in June 2021. When you step into the naturally sunlit, bright and airy space, it feels calming with a touch of tasteful and where we look forward to conversations with you for all your floral needs.


Caring: a team that cares for each other and spills over to the way we interact with our customers

Personal: human to human, small but intimate

Creative: constantly testing, trying out new things, being inspired.

Forward-thinking: strategic in our brand direction.