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Wedding Flowers in Singapore

Celebrate your special day with our wedding flowers collection in Singapore. Choose from a stunning array of bridal bouquets and elegant floral accessories, all thoughtfully designed to enhance your wedding and create cherished memories.

Our capsule ready-to-wear bridal flowers cater to free-spirited brides and grooms who prefer simple celebrations, classic colours, and the convenience of online ordering.

Inspired by the Great British Gardens, our wedding flower's colour palettes pay homage to our deep love for flora, fauna, and the beauty of nature.

Each accessory exudes its character, history, and charm, just like our brides-to-be. Our curated wedding flowers feature the finest best seasonal blooms, handpicked for your big day. Think of rosy blooms, delightful textures, and soft foliage. Every boutonniere, floral crown, table centrepiece, or bridal bouquet in Singapore is thoughtfully crafted and arranged in our signature style. Experience the finest selection of bridal flower bouquets in Singapore at Charlotte Puxley Flowers, your trusted wedding florist.

Wedding Flower Delivery

For our ready-to-wear bridal flowers, a minimum spend of $120 is required. Enjoy free delivery for wedding flower packages over $450.

We accept orders from Monday to Saturday and are closed on Sundays. For bespoke weddings, simply write to us with your date, venue, and flower inspiration. We are here to assist with your wedding flower packages, ensuring a beautiful and cohesive arrangement for your special day.

If you are opting for our wedding flowers delivery service, we deliver across Singapore between 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm. We also offer complimentary self-collection at our studio in Singapore from Mondays to Fridays between 11am and 5pm. Get in touch with us via email or call us at +65 8182 1164 to share the details of your dream wedding.

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Sissinghurst Castle Garden 1 Sissinghurst Castle Garden on hover

Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Nestled in Kent, the home of Vita Sackville-West was a particularly influential garden of its time. The White Garden of Sissinghurst consists of fresh, enchanting snow-white flowers. Our simple but elegant appearance draws inspiration from its creamy white daffodils and rambling roses with pale yellow centres. To complement the look, we add a few touches of pale apple greens. This gives off a classic and dreamy feel, especially to the bridal bouquet.

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Great Dixter Gardens

Great Dixter Gardens

The Great Dixter House is a juxtaposition of wild meadows and manicured borders in subtle seasonal colour, and it’s home to the gardener and acclaimed author Christopher Lloyd. We draw inspiration from the creation of over four decades of books and articles, along with the flowing blooms and popular flower classics in pretty, soft pastels. Should you want your wedding packages in Singapore to have more pastel colours like peach, lilac, blush, and powdery blue, this collection is the one for you.


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Great Dixter Gardens Great Dixter Gardens
Hitcote Manor GardensHitcote Manor Gardens

Hidcote Manor Gardens

The lovely hills and beautifully landscaped gardens of Hidcote Manor in the Cotswold countryside makes for a great inspiration to draw from as an outdoor garden celebration. Consisting of bolder and more playful colours such as pink Penstemons, yellow Hypericums, and purple Salvias, this collection is for the high-energy, quirky couple who love playful, bright blooms with the odd touch of texture in their hand bouquets in Singapore.

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Hampton Court Gardens

Hampton Court Gardens

This collection is inspired by the historic royal gardens of Hampton Court Palace, consisting of lovely rose gardens and perennial shrubs. One for the romantics, it’s a timeless palette with a touch of elegance straight from the grand halls and the Elizabethan building exteriors. With the deep red, magenta and blush tone, it’s ideal for couples who want their hand bouquet and accessories to express the great affection and passion they have for each other.

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Hampton Court Gardens Hampton Court Gardens
What should I look for in a bridal bouquet?

When it comes to your hand bouquet at weddings, here are some factors to consider before deciding on your wedding flower arrangements:

  • Consider your wedding dress : The design of your bouquet should match or complement the style, shape, detail and colour of your dress. We recommend that your hand tie does not overshadow you, hide the silhouette of the dress or throw your bridal look off-balance. That being said, oversized hand tied bouquets are beautiful and can be a personal preference, so consider your overall wedding aesthetic and bring that discussion to the table when chatting with your florist.
  • Seasonal floristry : We work closely with you to create an experience that reflects your vision, all while having a strong seasonal focus. We believe this is the more sustainable way to create, and for you to be surrounded by flowers as though they truly belong in their space. Not all flowers are available throughout the year, so we always recommend focusing on the color palette instead of the floral variety, as they may not be available at the time of your wedding, or could be expensive. Most flowers in Singapore are typically imported from overseas, so check with your florist if you have specific requests so we can potentially source it for you.
  • Make it unique to you: All our bridal bouquets are handmade by our florists, tailored to suit your needs. No two are the same. In your consultations with our florists, we discuss color palettes, budget, overall look and feel, floral varieties and so much more. It would be helpful to share with us a moodboard that perhaps you had put together, or just reference images will do fine to get the conversation started.
Lead time for wedding flowers?

We suggest to start browsing suitable wedding flower packages and starting a conversation with your florist at least six months before. While this may seem like a long time away, it gives ample time for the florists to prepare for your special day. Having a longer lead time is particularly useful if you have specific flower varieties in mind, so that we can source for them and if possible, have them shipped into Singapore. It also gives you wiggle room to coordinate your wedding apparel and theme.

When is it recommended to get our Ready-to-Wear wedding flowers?

You may want to consider Ready-to-Wear (a la carte) bridal florals if:

  • You are thinking of personal flowers and table centrepieces, and maybe a few bits and bobs of wedding flower arrangements.
  • You do not require florists on site for an elaborate set-up.
  • Flower varieties are not too important to you, and you have a penchant for a particular colour palette.
  • For our Ready-to-Wear bridal florals menu, we will deliver to your wedding venue or to a specified location, and you can freely decorate the venue with the flowers.
Why should I collect my wedding bouquet only on the wedding day?

While it is your decision to personally collect your bridal bouquet from our studio, or opt for delivery, we would highly recommended for flowers to be picked up on the day of the wedding, or if not possible, to have them the day before, placed in water and in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for longer. Most of the ingredients in the wedding hand bouquet include delicate florals that require special care.

What can I do with the wedding flowers after the wedding?

Some tips:

  • Preserve the bridal bouquet: Drying your flowers can be a great option - chat with your florist if you are unsure which ones will dry best over time. Or, having your flowers pressed and displayed as a memento is a fun activity to do after the wedding.
  • Take home gifts for your guests : If you are opting for this, let your florist know beforehand so that they can provide something like a tiny flower box or kraft paper to let guests bring the flowers home.
  • Donate them: You can donate the flowers to a nursing home or to a hospital. The beautiful flower arrangements in the bouquet, centrepieces and larger decorations could very well brighten up someone’s day.