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Why Flower Arranging Classes May Be Good For You Mentally

Flower arranging workshops are great for picking up a new skill. It takes more than just tossing a handful of flowers into a vase – it requires thought, planning and technique to create a beautiful centerpiece and ensure the blooms are displayed in the best manner possible. 

But it’s not just about learning the art of flower arranging – getting hands-on with the flower selection and arrangement is a calming activity that challenges the mind and promotes a sense of closeness to nature. Here are some benefits of how flower arranging can positively affect your state of mind.

Mood booster

Much like art paintings, the beauty of flowers can evoke emotions. This depends also on the combination of certain smells and colours. For example, lavenders and eucalyptus are known for their strong flower scents that can be soothing for relaxing and relieving stress. During the class, you will also be working with variations of colourful flowers that complements each other. Combining colours like orange and yellow can lift up your mood, while adding greens can reflect feelings of peace.

Embrace calmness

The fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules can be stressful for many, so it’s important to take some time out and decompress. The practice of putting together a bouquet can be a much-needed meditative experience. It lets you keep your focus, slow down and be present in the moment. Nature evokes a sense of calm and stillness. and you get to observe the way each piece takes up space and gather to form a proper arrangement.

Express creativity

When working with different flower varieties, colours and lengths (usually the four principles are colors, shape, texture and form), there are techniques involved in arranging them in a harmonious way. At the same time, creativity is also encouraged as you mindfully pick certain pieces that will complement each other or result in something that is pleasing to the eyes. You also get to express your style and personality into flower arranging, which makes every bouquet highly unique.

 Final thoughts

As you start learning about the process that goes into arranging flowers, the more you will see the tangible and intangible benefits it will bring you. While going for such workshops teach you a new skill, it also promotes good health in one form or another.

At Charlotte Puxley Flowers, we host various flower arrangement workshops in Singapore on weekdays and weekends. If you are unable to come to our public scheduled workshops, we are happy to schedule into our calendar a private workshop, with a minimum of four participants. Our florists will share their botanical knowledge and techniques used to learn more about flowers and how you can arrange them together for your own creation. You can also learn to make your own hand bouquet to bring home. Reserve your preferred slot with us today!

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