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Flower Stands

Express your deepest condolences or celebrate joyous moments with the gentle language of flowers. Our condolence and congratulatory flower stands offer a carefully-curated selection of the finest and freshest blooms to convey your warmest wishes and tribute.

Each floral stand
 is thoughtfully arranged on Box Stands, available in classic black, silver, or lilac, measuring 13" wide and 40" tall.

Our flower measurements include options like Small, Intermediate, and Sizeable, allowing you to choose an arrangement that perfectly conveys your emotions.

Floral Stand Measurements:
Small: Width 18" | Height 21"
Intermediate: Width 27" | Height 27"
Sizeable: Width 32" | Height 32"

If you have any specific preferences or requests of your online flower delivery, we are here to assist. Reach out to us at +65 8182 1164 or