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Our Top Floral Combinations For A Stunning Wedding Bouquet

Our Top Floral Combinations For A Stunning Wedding Bouquet

For most, a wedding day may be the biggest and most special day of their lives. Hence, it's only natural to give it careful, thorough, and creative preparation to make the special day personal. One of the easiest yet most meaningful ways would be to include unique wedding flower arrangements.

The wedding flowers you pick could make a significant impact on the overall look of your  wedding hand bouquet in Singapore. After all, different varieties of flowers or color palettes convey the meaning behind your bouquet. 

Read on to find out the creative and symbolic flowers you can combine to make your wedding bouquet into something that can touch your heart.


Roses, especially red roses, have long symbolised beauty and love in real life and fairy tales. Romantics have turned to this flower to express their passion and true love. Moreover, other colours, such as pink, are often inspired by the recipient's sweetness and elegance.

Other instances of roses having varying meanings include orange roses representing enthusiasm and passion, yellow roses signifying friendship, and lavender roses representing enchantment, wonder, and mystery.

As an all-star in the world of weddings, roses are one of the best choices in adding to your wedding bouquet. Moreover, as there are more than 3,000 varieties of roses and are largely available year-round due to its adaptability in being grown and harvested in multiple countries, it opens doors to many combinations. It is no surprise that roses top the list when it comes to most popular wedding flowers.


Tulips are the ideal flower for weddings as a nod to the celebration of new beginnings, with its arrival in the markets signaling the arrival of Spring. Moreover, it also represents "happy years" and "consuming love," making them a meaningful flower wedding choice. 

Tulips are known to have a wide range of hues, such as white, cream, and pastels, its variety allowing it to be a suitable choice for both elegant and casual venues. The more pastel shades are also subtle, and will complement any detail at the wedding, such as bouquets and table arrangements.

Calla lilies 

Calla lilies are elegant flowers that are shaped like a trumpet. Also known as arum lilies, this flower represents "magnificent beauty". Due to their unique shape and appearance, their various forms have been portrayed in art nouveau and art deco works. 

This flower commonly has two types available: a presentation-style bouquet and a huge-size variety with a long, smooth stem ideal for tall flower arrangements. For the former case, calla lilies add a one-of-a-kind charm to any wedding bouquet from any theme. However, this beauty is a season specific bloom, so make a point to check with your florist in Singapore especially, on its availability, closer to your wedding day.


Hydrangea has a full bushy head and beautiful blue, burgundy, pink and purple shades. That is why in the Victorian language of flowers, this flower symbolises "vanity". 

Hydrangea varieties are known to grow into bubble-gum pink or sky blue depending on the pH level of the soil it thrives in. Hence, you can choose the colour that you want, which oftentimes also depends on the season when it comes to picking your color palette with the leading lady as hydrangea. Regardless of colour, its scentless shrub flower makes a charming addition to your wedding bouquet. 


Stephanotis translates to "marital happiness," making this dainty white flower a favourite choice for weddings. With its star shape, waxy florets that grow on a flowering vine must be tied together or placed onto a holder to make a flower arrangement. 

A bouquet of stephanotis is one of the most traditional kinds that a bride carries. This flower is a classic choice for a formal wedding, or a touch of tradition for more casual settings as well. 

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

Your bridal bouquet adds beauty and style to your wedding setting, so giving it attention is worth your time. If you're looking for the ideal bride flower bouquet in Singapore, Charlotte Puxley Flowers is here to lend a hand.

We offer a tailored approach to weddings, and no two arrangements are the same. Workshops are also available, for those looking to pick up hands-on skills that can spruce up your hand bouquet. Contact us for more information.

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