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4 Cool Flower Arrangements To Show Gratitude To Your Dad

4 Cool Flower Arrangements To Show Gratitude To Your Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and now is the time to start planning a surprise and checking out some gifts. While flowers are typically given to women and are related to romance, that does not mean men cannot receive flowers too.

A study conducted by the Society of American Florists has revealed that 60% of the men would also like to receive flowers. After all, a handmade floral arrangements can perfectly express your appreciation, which will touch your father's heart.

While picking them out can be tricky since it’s not often associated with men, remember to go with the ones that describe your father - strong and vibrant colours pair well with men.

To give you an idea, check out these flower arrangements to show appreciation to your dad.

1. Red rose and lilies arrangement

Red roses are classified as the official Father’s Day flower as it is usually used to symbolise love. When it’s paired with yellow lilies, which represents thankfulness and enjoyment, this is the classic choice that complements a breakfast in bed or other gifts you have in mind.

Alternatively, you can orange lilies, because they symbolise honour and respect for a notable person. So, if you want to express your gratitude to a particular person for everything they did for you, orange lilies would make a solid choice.

Either way, the combination of colours gives off an exquisite vibe of celebration and happiness, making those flowers the ideal bright and energetic arrangement for this special day.

2. Bouquet of sunflowers

Sunflowers are often associated with worship and adoration because they appear to always face the sun. Those that were grown by farmers were often pictures while they stretch their long stalks and bright petals. Because of how sunflowers are almost always growing towards the sun, sunflowers gained the meaning of worship and adoration.

Moreover, their bright yellow colour represents pure joy and positive vibes. It’s ideal to send your father a bouquet of sunflowers, because they symbolise unwavering faith and unconditional love.

Hence, not only will this make a stunning gift, but it will also express to your dad how much you admire him and your unconditional love.

3. Hydrangea and iris

The blue hydrangea and iris bouquet is a remarkable display of stately charm and beauty that can impress your father on that particular day. The stunning blue hydrangea globes and tall purple iris, arranged for a dramatic image, are unique ways of sending your well wishes to your dad.

Moreover, it also symbolises faith and perseverance, showing your dad that your belief in him will never waver, and encouraging him never to give him, even when faced with the most challenging obstacles. To make this bouquet stand out, you can pair it with unique gift ideas to thank your dad.

4. Isle of dreams arrangement

This arrangement consists of purple lisianthus and white roses, and is accented with lush greenery and cream-coloured Limonium. At first glance, it may seem like just another gorgeous bouquet to extend your best wishes, but the lisianthus is ideal to express appreciation and admiration to the recipient.

Moreover, the white roses give the meaningful message of of hope, respect, and love. Hence, when combined into this arrangement, it makes the ideal bouquet to show your charismatic father the respect, love, acceptance, and acknowledgement that he deserves on this day.

Final thoughts

Although bouquets are usually romantic, using energetic colours such as red, sunflower yellow, or deep purple would be a suitable alternative. After all, they are just as rich in meaning as pastel-coloured flowers. All you need to do is pick the right flowers and combinations.

If you feel that the flowers are insufficient, you can pair the flowers with another gift, such as a greeting card, his favourite watch brand, or tickets to an action movie to show your appreciation for the years he has raised and taken care of you.

Celebrate Father’s Day with Charlotte Puxley Flowers by gifting our carefully curated daily flowers in Singapore. Should you need any consultation on the best floral arrangements for your dad, we are more than happy to lend a helping hand. Book an appointment with us to put together a sentimental gift that your father will love.

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