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Guide To Floral Workshops: Best Flower Arrangement Techniques

Guide To Floral Workshops: Best Flower Arrangement Techniques

Ostensibly, flower arranging seems like a straightforward activity that requires you to simply arrange flowers into a vase. However, to achieve your ideal vision of the arrangement, some technique is required. It is an art form that needs planning and preparation to recreate what you have in mind while ensuring the flowers are well cared for.

Whether you are hoping to prepare a basic arrangement to deck out your dining room or make a handtie as a gift for your friends and family, flowers have the ability to refresh the space and ground us in the moment.

It’s all the more special if you had taken the time and thought to make your own, letting the recipient know they are worth the effort. Here are some tips on flower arranging.

What is a floral arrangement?

Floral arrangement is the art of making attractive designs with flowers to express your feelings. Back in the day and even now, flower bouquets are often gifts used to convey love messages; depending on the type of flowers used, they can be used to express gratitude, wish someone luck, and even signify friendship.

Flower arrangements can also be an effortless and effective way to enhance the home atmosphere, since bringing nature into the home invokes a sense of calm. Floral arrangements are typically used as a centrepiece on the dining table, coffee table, or side tables. It can be made out of fresh-cut, dried, preserved, and even artificial flowers. 

Why attend a flower workshop to learn flower arrangement? 

The art of arranging flowers was made popular in the 18th century, when floral arrangements were used to convey secret messages. Even the most straightforward floral design can have several meanings and be gifted for different purposes. 

A flower arrangement can be just as important in an everyday setting, and not reserved only for special occasions. Below are some of the practical reasons to perhaps consider attending a floral arrangement workshop

Creativity - If you are a fan of art and flowers, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by learning to create your own flower arrangement. A flower workshop will keep that creative spirit alive, by having your hand at trying new things and exploring what can potentially be your new passion.

Cost-saving - If you love to gift flowers, joining a workshop to learn flower arranging can be a cost-effective investment in the long run. Pre-made arrangements can run up the bill, but buying the materials and assembling them with your own hands could potentially save you some money.

Mental Wellness - Flowers stimulate smell, sight and touch. Because of their cheery presence, it can evoke positive memories and lower anxiety and stress. Flower arranging is beneficial, especially if certain flowers are used; for example, tulips can relieve tension and exhaustion, lavender can improve sleep and reduce blood pressure, and roses can relieve headaches and even sharpen memory. 

Flower arrangement techniques

Whether you are a beginner or are looking to improve your flower arrangement skills, these are some tips for basic floral arrangement technique.

Whether you plan to give it a whirl at home on your own or join a workshop, continue reading to get a head-start: 

1. Cut the stems - The fastest way for capillary action is to cut the base and place your flower stems in water.

2. Remove the leaves – It is recommended to remove any leaves that fall before the waterline in your vase. 

3. Secure Arrangement - Wrap the stems in either a tape or rubber band to keep the arrangement in place. Make sure to not wrap too tightly to avoid shifts.

Final thoughts 

Final thoughts

There are many benefits to making your own floral arrangement. Whether you wish to make a gift or learn about new varieties of flowers, florist classes are open to anyone interested in learning the basics and tips for visually appealing flower arrangements.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers can lend a helping hand through their floral arrangement courses by showing you flower arrangement tips and discovering new colour palette tricks. To learn from our experienced florists, sign up for our florist classes today. We also offer exquisite same day flower delivery in Singapore, ensuring your loved ones receive stunning floral arrangements for any occasion. 

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