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How To Pick Sustainable Flowers For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Flowers are a key component in most weddings. Whether it is the bridal bouquet or the petals sprinkled down the aisle, choosing the right flowers will create a more special and memorable wedding. Aside from introducing colour schemes and texture to your reception, flowers bring about a sense of beauty, elegance, and style to the occasion, and impact the overall mood and ambience of a wedding.

Choosing the right flowers for your big day does not always mean picking the grandest and most aesthetically pleasing blooms. Often, there is a significant amount of wastage from the florals and foliage. In today’s climate, keeping in mind sustainability when envisioning our wedding flowers seems to be a common and much-needed line of thought. Below are some of our suggestions on steps you can take to ensure an eco-friendly wedding with sustainability in mind.

Use seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers are those that grow only at a particular time during the year. The beauty of these types of flowers is that they are cultivated through natural and organic procedures that do not use harmful chemicals to imitate a specific season or climate.

In comparison to most imported flowers that are produced outside their seasonal window and carry pesticides and chemical fertilizers, seasonal flowers are fresh and all-natural. By allowing room for flexibility and going with the flow of florals in their season, you can incorporate nature’s beauty into your special day while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint output.

Consider dried flowers and reuse them

Weddings are usually filled with flowers. When you attend a wedding ceremony, you will often find a variety of floral arrangements throughout the venue each for a specific purpose.

To minimise wastage, using dried flowers as an alternative to freshly cut blooms for your wedding is an option. For many eco-conscious couples out there, this alternative is a sustainable option because dried florals can potentially last for years instead of days and weeks. Post-wedding, you can even reuse these dried flowers as home decor to reduce the number of cut flowers you purchase.

Choose non-polluting flower packaging

Packaging materials such as cellophane plastic wraps and floral foams may be cheaper and more readily available, but they are extremely damaging to the environment. Not only are they non-biodegradable, which adds to the microplastics waste, but they also pose great risks to our health.

To take another step towards an eco-conscious wedding, consider the packaging materials that your florals come with. There are plenty of wedding flowers packages in Singapore that use non-polluting materials such as vases that can be reused again and again, and cardboard that is recyclable and biodegradable. At Charlotte Puxley Flowers, we make sure that we use sustainable packaging materials for all our fresh flowers. Our floral arrangements have the option to be arranged in vases, the option to eliminate floral foam and opt for chicken wire mesh instead, and even our signature box bags can be reused.

Buy from local shops

There is a common misconception that if something is imported, it is probably higher in quality than the ones that can be bought locally. This is not always true. When it comes to florals and foliage, sourcing locally can be a better choice.

Imported flowers are generally harmful to the environment because of the resources it takes to transport them. They are also usually treated with hazardous chemicals to prevent bugs and keep them in optimal condition upon arriving in the country. By buying locally, you are reducing the amount of energy that is spent on transporting and refrigerating imported flowers. Aside from this, you also help boost the economy by purchasing from local florists who show the same amount of love and attention to caring for their flowers.

Final thoughts

Choosing sustainable flowers can indeed make your wedding day more special and memorable. Aside from the beauty and aesthetic that these flowers add to your wedding ceremony, they can also give you a sense of fulfilment by knowing that you are minimising the damage to the environment in the midst of celebrations.

If you are looking for eco-friendly options for your wedding, Charlotte Puxley Flowers is the local flower shop to partner with in executing that vision. We offer a wide variety of beautiful and elegant floral arrangements that fit any occasion. We love getting wedding briefs that challenge us in our creativity and push us to improve in the way we source for nature’s oddities to achieve a vision. Our wedding bouquets, in particular, are well-loved by our customers, as we work with couples and brides to bring their dream wedding to life.

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