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4 Reasons Why Flower Arrangement Should Be Your Next Hobby

4 Reasons Why Flower Arrangement Should Be Your Next Hobby

Picking up a hobby is a great way to practice self-care, especially in today’s busy world. No matter your gender, age or lifestyle, a hobby gives you something to enjoy and look forward to. If you love art and appreciate the natural beauty of fresh blooms, then floral arrangement is a hobby you might want to look into.

In essence, floristry is the art of arranging flowers. As you will soon find out, there are a variety of reasons why flower arrangement classes have been increasing in popularity as more individuals are looking for ways to “stop and smell the roses”. Here are four key reasons to start arranging flowers:

1. It is relaxing and enjoyable

Hobbies are meant to be enjoyable, and frequently surrounding yourself with vibrant, fresh flowers is no doubt a therapeutic experience to help calm the mind and soul. According to a behavioural study, spending additional time around flowers is a natural and healthy way to enhance one's mood and fight against depression. People of all ages typically get excited and joyful when they see colourful flowers.

Being able to choose your favourite cut flowers before arranging them, adding a slice of creativity can boost the enjoyable factor!

2. It eliminates or minimises stress

Apart from combating depression, arranging flowers as a hobby can also help remove or reduce your stress levels. Flowers are known to have the ability to stimulate one’s senses of smell, sight, and touch. In doing so, flowers can also help trigger happy memories, encourage reminiscing and minimize your feelings of anxiety and stress.

Indeed, flowers are very effective when it comes to providing stress relief. For this reason, arranging flowers is considered a beneficial activity for people with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia – making it a great activity no matter your age!

3. It hones your visual art skills

Arranging flowers requires a degree of artistry. You need to know the suitable types of flowers, petal shapes, and colour palettes that go well together to create a beautiful flower arrangement   Flower making is an efficient and creative outlet. By always arranging and designing flowers, you can unleash your inner creativity and eventually improve your skills in visual art or perhaps uncover a hidden talent!

4. It is an inexpensive hobby

You do not have to spend a lot of money to kickstart a rewarding hobby. If you want an enjoyable, relaxing but inexpensive way to pass the time, then arranging beautiful and fresh-scented flowers is the hobby for you. Unlike many other hobbies, you do not need a lot of equipment to arrange flowers. Instead, using the flowers and foliage from your own garden or seasonal blooms from your local florist is enough to get started and perhaps a good pair of floral scissors to get you started.

Final thoughts

Flower arrangement can be a great way to express your creativity, and a wonderful complement for a busy lifestyle. Aside from being inexpensive and enjoyable, arranging flowers is also an effective way to get rid of your stress and expand your creative skills and capabilities.

If you are interested in learning how to arrange and design hand-tied bouquets or vase arrangement, signing up for a flower arrangement class is a wonderful way to get started. At Charlotte Puxley Flowers, we provide flower bouquet workshops that are popular among people of different ages and backgrounds.

Our comprehensive and hands-on classes will surely help you pick up the skills to recreate again and again, and perhaps light a spark for floristry. For more details, the most updated public workshop schedule is up on our website, or you can contact us to arrange a private workshop. We also offer exquisite flower delivery in Singapore, ensuring your loved ones receive stunning floral arrangements for any occasion. 

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