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Eco-friendly Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

Wedding flower arrangements are a classic choice among many brides and flowers are a mainstay for wedding decor. With their various symbolic meanings and beautiful hues, flowers can bring about the magic in transforming any wedding venue.

However, the sustainability of the wedding decor is often a concern for brides, as most fresh flowers have a short lifespan. Flowers are often only used during the wedding and discarded after. As such, once you consider the environmental costs borne by their production, transportation and disposal, you may realise that the footprint on the environment can be large. If you wish to prolong the longevity of your flowers and get tips on sustainable sourcing, read on to find out some ways you can do so.

Source flowers locally

Flowers utilise a lot of energy in their transportation process to keep them fresh. They are usually air-flown and stored in extremely cold temperatures to prevent wilting in a short period. This means a lot of carbon waste will be generated, resulting in higher carbon footprints and exacerbated global warming.

To reduce your carbon footprint, opt for locally sourced flowers to cut transportation and storage costs. As the flowers are picked and chosen closer to their date of use, you won’t have to compromise on freshness or sustainability. While it may be hard to grow a range of flowers in Singapore’s climate, you can still mix and match a variety of flowers from overseas and local farms and nurseries. Do check in with your florist to learn about where they source their flowers.

Reuse your flowers

Flowers have a longer lifespan than you think; aside from their immediate intended uses, they can also be dried and used as decorations in the home or office space. While fresh flowers are often a go-to for their invigorating and relaxing scents, dried flowers are increasingly popular, as they last up to anywhere from one to three years. Hence, they are an affordable option with a longer lifespan compared to delicate fresh flowers.

Use dried flowers in your bouquets to add texture and contrast alongside your fresh flowers, or incorporate them as part of your decor by including them in your wedding cards and signage. You can even include them in candles, garlands, and part of your wedding favours.

If you are unable to source dried flowers for your wedding, you can still purchase fresh flowers and simply dry them after to preserve their sentimental value. Aside from the earlier uses, dried flowers can also be used as a focal piece in a glass dome or photo frame. If you are looking for more practical uses, you can also use dried flowers in a potpourri or part of a herbal and floral infusion for your weekly self-care routine.

Include potted plants and recycled packaging

Fresh flowers do not always have to be single-use. If you are an avid gardener who loves caring for plants and flowers, consider purchasing potted plants that you can continue caring for after your wedding. You can also gift these flowers to your plant-loving friends as a keepsake. Some flowers that thrive in Singapore’s humid tropical conditions include the hibiscus and bird of paradise.

While large potted plants make good additions to your wedding aisle, they also work well as backdrop decorations, especially if you are hosting an outdoor wedding. As table centrepieces, they are sturdy, minimalist options if you are considering smaller sized pots.

If potted plants are not a feasible option, consider flower bouquets in reusable vases made from materials such as glass. Glass production only releases carbon dioxide, unlike other materials such as plastic which emit harmful sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. And you can use them over and over again. Using chicken wire mesh in bowl or vase arrangements that can be reused instead of floral foam that is non-biodegradable is also something to consider, so speak to your florist about planning for your big day.

Choose durable, long-lasting materials and multi-purpose products to reduce your need to purchase other products. Sleek and simple glass vases not only store your flowers safely, but their aesthetic appeal reduces the need for additional decor.

Final thoughts

Flowers are a wedding essential – but you can still play your part to protect the environment. Every small step counts. By prioritising sustainability and shopping for minimalist pieces with lots of mileage, we are taking care of Mother Earth just as how she takes care of us.

If you are looking for a timely wedding bouquet delivery in Singapore or wedding venue floral decor that is also committed to sustainable practices, Charlotte Puxley Flowers will be able to meet your needs and work together closely with you to bring your vision to life. Not only do we have a range of ala carte wedding flowers, but we also offer a host of other wedding accessories.

Each couple has a unique vision which we aim to honour, enhance, and bring to life. Celebrating all things wild and natural, our work focuses on bringing people together and offering bespoke wedding services that cater to each individual couple's style and preferences.

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