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How To Make Your Flower Arrangements More Sustainable

How To Make Your Flower Arrangements More Sustainable

Beautiful flower arrangements make people fall in love with nature. This is the principal reason why flowers are an essential component of all sorts of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and graduation day. However, the social and environmental costs of today’s floral industry often do not match the beauty and benefits that flowers bring. 

Generally, the global production of flowers creates an enormous carbon footprint, harms habitats, and exploits farm workers. With that said, there are several steps you can take to make sure that your enjoyment of fresh blooms does not come at the expense of the environment and other people. If you are curious about what they are, here is a brief guide on how you can make your flower arrangements more sustainable.

1. Avoid single-use waste 

Today’s floral industry is built to serve people’s expectations of convenience and affordability of products. However, this results in excessive waste and hefty energy costs. Flower arrangements usually come in layers of packaging, which are intended to be disposed of after only a single use.

At Charlotte Puxley, instead of constantly sending out a new vase with each purchase of our daily flowers, we encourage our customers to reuse their vases, which come complimentary for the first purchase as seen with our floral subscriptions. Doing so allows floral enthusiasts like yourself to reduce their wastage footprint while continuing to indulge in fresh flowers at the same time.

2. Minimise water waste 

Water consumption is another serious issue that the floral industry currently faces. Flowers have a high demand for water. For instance, the water footprint of just a single rose is estimated to be around 7 to 13 litres. As such, it is important to become conscious whenever you make use of water. 

Mark fill lines within every bucket you have with a sharpie to make sure you do not overfill unnecessarily. Whenever you dispose of old water, search for a sufficient flower bed or plant, so you can still put the water to good use. Similarly, when washing buckets or vessels, be sure to fill them with just enough water for cleaning. Scrub and rinse afterwards instead of just letting the faucet run.

3. Be conscious of your design and consumption

Flower design is actually all about thoughtful and conscious decision-making. Skilled florists know the “why” behind each choice of floral design, from form to material to colour. This keen awareness is helpful whenever you work with flowers because the more intention you have, the less waste you produce.

This is why here at Charlotte Puxley, we appreciate the beauty of sheer simplicity when it comes to designing our floral arrangements. Each of our products is carefully crafted and curated to deliver a specific mood or colour scheme that catches the eye of our customers. 

4. Support local florists 

Last but not least, purchasing fresh blooms from locally based florists means promoting artisanship that continues to offer unique and sustainable flowers to the public. By sourcing your flowers in Singapore from local florists, like Charlotte Puxley, you will not only get high-quality flowers that last longer, but you can also choose from countless varieties, which you often cannot find on the import market.

In fact, Charlotte Puxley carries out local farmer’s vase arrangement workshops every once in a while. These workshops feature locally foraged foliage and regional blooms, alongside tropical flowers grown in Singapore. This enables participants to appreciate their surroundings and learn to be creative with what’s available closer to home. If this sounds right up your alley, you can keep a lookout for them by checking our Instagram or website.

Final Thoughts

To engage in sustainable floristry, you need to have knowledge, hard work, and commitment. You need to learn the different ways to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise waste, put in hard work to make sure your flower arrangements remain beautiful without compromise and be committed enough to your advocacy. Ultimately, creating sustainable flower arrangements requires mostly practice and learning.

If you wish to learn how to make flower arrangements in the most socially responsible and eco-friendly ways, Charlotte Puxley is here to help you! We provide comprehensive floral arrangement workshops that will teach you the fundamentals of floral arrangement, so you can arrange and design your flowers according to your preferences, whenever you need to. 

Besides workshops, we also offer a variety of ready-made floral arrangements that are perfect for any occasion. If you would like to receive daily flowers, we also have flower subscriptions you can subscribe to. For more information about our floral products and services, feel free to contact us at or + 65 8182 1164.

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