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5 Interesting Occasions To Send Flowers To A Loved One

5 Interesting Occasions To Send Flowers To A Loved One

Flowers are usually staples of important occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, and holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This is mainly due to the fact that flowers are seen as a symbol of appreciation, care, and love. Indeed, a celebration would feel incomplete without bouquets or décor of fresh blooms.

However, flowers are actually not only fit for big, important occasions. Freshly cut flowers can be all-around gifts that perfectly suit smaller events. If you are wondering when it is a great time to send flowers to a loved one or an acquaintance, the answer is simply anytime you feel like doing so. As such, here are some unique and interesting occasions when sending flowers would be a brilliant idea.

1. Housewarming for new neighbours 

Have you seen some new faces next door recently? Make them feel at home and welcome by giving them a bouquet of fresh flowers that they can reuse to decorate their new house. You can give them the flower arrangement personally, or you can have it delivered right to their doorstep through a floral delivery service. In case of the latter, just make sure to introduce yourself in a little card that accompanies the flowers!

2. Joining a sports competition 

You might have a loved one who is about to join a sports competition. Whether it is their first time joining or their third, it would be a heartwarming gesture to send them stunningly arranged flowers for good luck or as a form of congratulations. It also does not matter if your loved one is a man or a woman. No matter what their gender is, they will surely appreciate your effort in sending them encouraging flowers on the day of their competition. 

3. New job or promotion 

If your loved one has found a new job, their first day will likely be nerve-wracking. However, you can make them feel at ease and encouraged by giving them a bouquet of fragrant flowers that come with a cheerful message. Fresh blooms can also be a wonderful gift to celebrate a job promotion. If your loved one’s workplace allows it, you can have the flower arrangement sent right to their office as a lunch break surprise.

4. International Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day is an annual event celebrated globally on the 8th of March. As its name suggests, the day is all about commemorating women’s rights and promoting human rights issues, such as gender equality and reproduction rights. If you want to express your gratitude and appreciation to your gal pals, mother, sister, aunt, or even a colleague, sending flowers will no doubt brighten their day.

5. National Best Friend Day

National Best Friend Day is an excellent day to let your closest friend know how much you value your friendship with them. It is celebrated every 8th day of April annually, and it gives you a great opportunity to say “thank you” to your best friend who has supported you throughout the years. If you would like to give your best friend a present that shows your gratitude and adoration, a bouquet of beautiful flowers is one of your best options!

Final Thoughts 

Although they might be customary for a variety of significant occasions like birthdays and weddings, there are lots of other occasions to send beautiful flowers to a loved one or acquaintance. You can definitely make or order professionally arranged flowers even for small victories and milestones. At the end of the day, the beauty and benefits of flowers do not discriminate. They always symbolise love and celebration, whether the event is big or small. 

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