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How To Personalise Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Bouquet

How To Personalise Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Bouquet

Sustainability is a value that is increasing in importance. When people urge others to act sustainably, it is a call to action for others to put more thought into caring for their environment when they are in the shoes of a consumer.

When assembling your wedding flower arrangements in Singapore, sustainability may be an essential factor you wish to consider thanks to today’s climate. After all, the most beautiful bouquet does not always equate to picking the rarest or most attractive blooms.

Instead, for practical purposes, it would be best to consider the entire lifespan of your bouquet and the various stages from start to finish. Below are some of our suggestions on steps to ensure your bridal bouquet in Singapore is unique, but still keeping sustainability in mind. 

1. Shop locally at your favourite floral shop.

One misconception is that if something is imported, it will be of higher quality than the ones bought locally. However, this is not always the case. When it comes to florals, sourcing locally may be the smarter choice.

After all, imported flowers can be harmful to the environment because of the resources to transport them over, such as electricity and storage. While they are beautiful and unique, the overseas florists may use hazardous chemicals to keep pests away and preserve them. 

By purchasing locally grown flowers from your neighbourhood, it reduces the carbon footprint needed to deliver the flowers to you. Moreover, it helps boost the local florists’ economy, who showers the same amount of effort and care to growing their flowers.

2. Try unorthodox methods.

Usually, a bridal bouquet will have unique additions to reflect the bride's personality. If you are prioritising sustainability, incorporating soft and fluffy organic cotton into your bouquet can give your bouquet a whimsical and dreamy feel while keeping things eco-friendly.

This technique is especially popular among brides looking for an inexpensive way to turn a bunch of flowers into their dream bouquet. When choosing your cotton, opt for organic raw cotton and ensure that it is free from pesticides and chemicals, which are notorious for polluting water sources and tarnishing soil fertility.

If cotton is not your cup of tea, you can try out other materials, such as recycled fabrics and ribbons to substitute for store-bought bouquet decorations. When done correctly, recycled fabrics can pull off the dream bouquet without compromising aesthetics while reducing single-use decor consumption for sustainability.

Fabrics are long-lasting and hardy materials, so it's easy to repurpose them as decor or even a centrepiece of your bouquet. From another viewpoint, it can hold sentimental value and unique memories after the wedding.

3. Go green and pick a non-flowering plant.

Non-flowering plants are just as good an option as cut flowers, if not better. These plants last longer and are less fragile than their flowering counterparts, so you can keep them around longer. Moreover, non-flowering plants can be replanted or even propagated.

Adding stalks of your favourite plants is an excellent way to inject some greenery into your floral arrangement without being too overwhelming. Moreover, you can substitute the usual flowers with fake ones, such as silk roses, which do not cost a lot. 

Because non-flowering plants have a longer lifespan than flowers, this makes them an eco-friendlier choice for your floral bouquet.

4. Utilise dried flowers

With the increase in climate change, the floral industry is also looking for ways for its products to be more environmentally friendly. This is because there is a lot of wastage, especially when using flowers for special occasions or home decorations, due to the number of flowers needed to spruce up the environment.

Hence, dried and preserved flowers are becoming more popular to use in floral arrangements or bouquets because they are more sustainable. Moreover, using dried flowers will lessen the need to buy fresh ones since they can stay beautiful for years. 

Using dried flowers can also conserve energy and water. While fresh flowers need to be stored in water and refrigerated containers to maintain freshness, dried flowers only need to be air-dried, hung and kept in a dark space.

Because of how long dried flowers can last under proper care, they usually represent longevity and immortality, an ideal wish towards marriage and, therefore, perfect and practical to use for a bridal bouquet.


Choosing sustainable methods to design your bridal bouquet in Singapore can make your wedding day more special and memorable. Aside from the creative aesthetics, they can also give you a sense of achievement, knowing that you are minimising the environmental damage during celebrations. 

If you are looking for eco-friendly options for your wedding, Charlotte Puxley Flowers is here for you. Aside from our variety of beautiful and elegant floral arrangements, we also offer floral arrangement courses to spark your creativity and encourage you to create the ideal floral gifts, whether for weddings or otherwise.

In particular, our wedding bouquets are popular among our customers, as we work with couples and brides to turn their dream wedding into reality.

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