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Tips For Getting Creative With Your Wedding Flowers

Get Creative With Your Wedding Flowers Using These Tips

The wedding bouquet has long been an essential accessory of the wedding ceremony. For most, a wedding day could be the biggest and most important day of their lives. Adding unique wedding flower arrangements is an easy and meaningful way to make your special day a little more personal.

Apart from choosing from a different array of flowers or colour schemes, there are several ways to transform your wedding bouquet into something that speaks to your heart. Read on to find out three creative ways to customise your wedding flowers.

Use bouquet wraps

If you are looking for a creative way to personalise your wedding bouquet, consider adding a lovely wrap to your flower holder. Just like every other detail for your wedding, your choice of bouquet wrap is entirely up to you!

Bouquet wraps come in all kinds of colours, shapes, and types – use it to symbolise something sentimental to you and your significant other.

Add heirlooms

Most brides have treasured family heirlooms that they would love to display on their wedding day. One way to honour that intention could be to add any passed-down treasures into your bridal bouquets, such as letters, photographs and jewellery. Below are some other ideas you can try:

  • Tie a ring

One way you can make your bridal bouquet unique is by putting your proposal ring into the antique lace and ribbon to hold the ring and flower together. 

  • Add a sentimental charm

Another thing you can try is by incorporating an additional charm, whether it is a locket or necklace pendant that was gifted from a loved one into your bouquet. You can use anything that holds special meaning to you, such as pinning your partner’s initials on a ribbon and using it to embellish your bouquet.

Make your bouquet from scratch

One of the best things to customise your bridal bouquet is by making your own flower arrangement. This way, you can have complete customisation of the size, colour and types of flowers. Plus, it could also save you some money!

Even if you have no prior experience handling flowers, there are now tons of flower bouquet workshops for you to get hands-on. 

Bonus tip: do consider your wedding theme when designing your bridal bouquet to get more ideas on what to add, such as rustic lace for a vintage themed wedding. 

Final thoughts

Your bridal bouquet is one aspect that can make your wedding more memorable, so giving it the attention is worth the while. Brides have been carrying bouquets as they walk down the aisle for many years, and will also most likely be featured in your wedding photos – if you don't want yours to look just like everyone else’s, try customising it!

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding flowers, Charlotte Puxley Flowers offers a wide range of wedding flowers packages that includes customising your bridal flower bouquet to match your unique personality and love story.

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