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Why Floral Subscription Services Are Here To Stay

Flowers breathe life to any space with their vibrancy, and you don’t have to be a connoisseur to love them – since the start of the pandemic, more people are embracing bringing nature indoors and sprucing up their space with a bunch of fresh blooms.

Floral subscriptions don’t typically come to mind when we find ourselves in search of a bouquet. However, they have now paved a new way to save both time and money, especially if you purchase flowers often! Here are some of the reasons why people sign up for subscription plans, for your consideration.

Delivered right to your doorstep

In Singapore, it is often so hectic - which makes convenience a key reason for the popularity of subscription flowers. This is especially important in light of the current COVID situation and the increase in the amount of time staying indoors. Flowers in their own way elevate the indoors and might make it more conducive for working from home and spending quality time with our loved ones.

Subscription plans allow us to do this without stepping out of the home, with fresh flowers delivered at a date and time that suits your schedule. Since the flowers are lovingly handpicked by the florists, each one is unique and there is also no need to worry about getting the same arrangements twice!

No need to break the bank

The bulk of the benefit of a subscription mostly comes from its cost savings. Most allow you to get a curated floral arrangement delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly at a reasonable price.

Here at Charlotte Puxley Flowers, depending on your individual preferences and tastes, our weekly flower delivery service comes with perks, such as a free classic glass vase to complement your blooms as well as waiver of delivery fees.

Get blooms that meet your floral needs

Everyone wants different things from their flowers. You should be able to tell your florist the types of flowers you prefer or inform them of any allergies. This way, you get a professionally arranged batch of flowers that cater to your unique needs.

With this in mind, there are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from with your subscription. Our florists will get in touch with you via WhatsApp for a more personalised service and as a direct line for feedback to meet your floral needs. Since they can be easily customised to an individual, this makes subscriptions the perfect gift for your special someone!

Surprise yourself every time

At a floral studio, your options are limited to what the florist has on hand that day. However, with a subscription plan, you can expect to receive an array of flowers over your subscription period, depending on what is available and in season. Receiving blooms in season is preferable as they would most likely be the freshest ones you can find and therefore, last longer.

Your florist might even incorporate locally grown flowers that you may never have otherwise heard – sourcing locally is something Charlotte Puxley Flowers believes strongly in as being a more sustainable way to create. With such variety, you may even learn about new and unexpected species and possibly find you your next favourite flower!

Final thoughts

Although we are more familiar with subscription plans for books and even wardrobe subscriptions, flower subscriptions are slowly gaining momentum in terms of popularity with all the benefits that it brings, mentally and emotionally.

Caring for flowers cultivates good habits and the fleetingness of flowers helps us appreciate the present moment. If you are considering ways to incorporate nature into your home, a flower subscription may be just what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a florist in Singapore providing quality and customisable subscription plans or wedding flower packages, Charlotte Puxley Flowers is here for you. We also regularly conduct physical and virtual flower bouquet workshops in Singapore if you are looking for something fun and productive to do with friends and family. Contact us or browse through our catalogue for more details on our blooms today!

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