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5 Reasons Why Joining A Floral Workshop Can Be Beneficial To You

At first glance, flower arranging can seem relatively easy - after all, it’s about selecting the flowers you enjoy and putting them together. However, like anything else in life, it is a skill that requires practice and technique.

Creativity, vision, and technique are three ingredients that help to accentuate flower arrangements. It is an art form that requires careful planning and preparation to achieve what you have in mind, all while ensuring that the flowers maintain their freshness.

Whether you want to prepare a simple arrangement for your living room table or a romantic bundle to surprise your partner, flowers add a touch of natural beauty. Moreover, flower-gifting could be even more meaningful when you put in the effort to make it.

Read on to learn the 5 reasons you should attend a floral workshop.

Discover new types of flowers 

Learning about the different floral varieties is an integral part of any flower arranging workshop. Most people are only familiar with the flowers that grow in gardens and perhaps those you come across at grocery stores. 

However, there is so much more than meets the eye - some floral varieties may thrive only in specific conditions and are therefore seasonal. Widening your vocabulary of flowers could lead you towards more creativity when putting together your flower arrangements.

A workshop with an experienced florist can guide you on the flowers and introduce you to new varieties.

Learn to make your preferred style of arrangements

A little-known fact about flower arrangements is that there are different types of flower arrangements. Some commonly seen ones are the vertical flower arrangement, where flowers are arranged to be a tall, flowery structure, or the S-shaped flower arrangement, where the flowers are positioned to form the letter “S”.

Joining a flower workshop with a florist that has a distinct style of arrangement you enjoy can provide you the opportunity to create something more tailored to your preference, while making use of different types of flowers.

It ignites a new passion 

Flower arranging could be just a simple one-time activity for some. For others, it may develop into a full-fledged hobby. If you are new to flower arranging, joining a flower workshop allows you to try your hands at something new and encourages you to explore what could be your next favourite past-time.

It makes for a cost-effective gift 

If you like gifting your friends, family, or partner beautiful bouquets without having to break the bank, joining a workshop could be a more cost efficient long-term solution.

Pre-made arrangements sold in malls and flower shops can come with a hefty price tag, but separately buying the flowers and stems can cut your costs. Learning how to make your stunning arrangements can potentially save you money.

It encourages teamwork

Flower arrangement workshops can also be a group activity! For example, if you are considering what to get mom for Mother’s Day, gather your siblings and spend some quality and fun time picking up a new skill, the memory of which your mom will treasure for years to come.

If you want to surprise one of your best friends for their birthdays, gather a bunch and spend some time getting hands-on creative together. This activity can encourage bonding among the group, getting to know more about each other while participating in a guided activity.

Final thoughts

Whether you wish to discover different types of flowers or learn floral arrangements, floral workshops are open for anyone who is interested.

Attending a florist class can help you understand the basics and tips on arranging your flowers. With a touch of creativity, you could make a unique floral arrangement that reflects your style and personality. 

Charlotte Puxley Flowers has weekly floral arrangement classes in Singapore to share their expertise.

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