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How Daily Flowers Can Help Enhance Work Productivity

How Daily Flowers Can Help Enhance Work Productivity

Flowers are much more than just a beautiful decoration to look at. Beyond their beauty and aesthetics, flowers have an inherent ability to make people more joyful and healthier. Indeed, the benefits of fresh flowers are diverse and endless. They can boost your mood, enhance your health, and even increase your productivity.

By simply placing a bouquet or basket of fresh blooms in front of your office desk or workstation at home, you can already increase your drive to complete all your pending tasks and projects. This is one of the major reasons why daily flower delivery in Singapore has become popular in recent years. To learn more about this specific benefit of flowers, here is everything you should know about the impact of flowers on work productivity.

Health Effects of Flowers

Flowers and plants, in general, absorb carbon dioxide in the air and generate oxygen, thereby providing the space with more fresh air. Contrary to some misconceptions, flowers generate more oxygen during the day compared to how much they take in the evening. Hence, when you bring a bouquet of flowers to a patient at the hospital, you are essentially improving not just their mood but the quality of the air they breathe as well.

Aside from improving air quality, certain flowers are edible too and come with numerous health benefits. For instance, Mexican Marigolds are an incredible source of antioxidants and are good for the immune system. Roses and rosehips, on the other hand, have lots of vitamin C. So, the next time you feel under the weather, try putting a couple of edible flowers into your meal!

Emotional Impact of Flowers

Flowers have a significant impact on people’s emotional well-being. They can turn a dull and depressing space into a more positive and welcoming one. They can also make a dark room look brilliant or brighten up a gloomy, cold day. In essence, flowers can add positive energy to any space or situation they find themselves in.

According to a Harvard research study, people who keep flowers in their house tend to feel kinder and more compassionate during the period that they keep flowers versus the period that they do not. During the same period, they have a tendency to be more relaxed and to worry less. Similarly, at work, many people find that flowers can make them feel more enthusiastic and motivated.

Other than their vibrant appearance, the fragrance of certain flowers is found to have some emotional benefits too. For instance, lavender is widely known for promoting calmness and relaxation. Ylang-ylang and Magnolia are also popular for their soothing smell. You can place a basket of these flowers in your bedroom if you want to improve your sleep quality at night.

Benefits of Flowers in the Workplace

An increasing number of studies show that flowers can make a significant difference in the workplace. In a study conducted at Surrey University, for instance, participants were asked to take a tough exam: one set of participants took the exam in a room surrounded by flowers, while another set of participants took the exam in a room without flowers.

The study made comparisons on heart rate, blood pressure, and skin conductivity and found that those participants who took the exam in a room filled with plants were less stressed than those who took the exam in a room with no flowers. Put differently, if you surround your workstation with lots of fresh flowers, you are less likely to get stressed about your work.

Besides reducing stress, flowers in the workplace can also help you concentrate. They can lighten your mood and enhance your creativity. However, keep in mind that different colours invoke different emotions. If you want to feel relaxed, blue and purple flowers are what you should place in front of your desk. On the other hand, if you wish to become more alert and creative, red and yellow blooms are ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

You may not see something beyond their vibrant colours and beautiful appearance at first, but a bouquet of fresh flowers can actually make a big difference on your health, emotions, and productivity. Several studies have already proven that flowers are indeed powerful. They can improve your well-being, boost your mood, and enhance your ability to focus and bring out creative ideas. In essence, flowers can greatly contribute to your success!

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