Flower Arrangement: 5 Best Fillers To Beautify Your Bouquets

Flower Arrangement: 5 Best Fillers To Beautify Your Bouquets

Everyone can agree that fresh flower arrangements are always a lovely sight to behold, sprucing up whatever space they are placed in and often evoking beautiful emotions in the beholder. Yet, as refreshing and beautiful as they are, their appeal cannot be attributed solely to the flowers that take centre stage in a bouquet or arrangement, as the flower arrangement fillers also help bring the blooms to life.

Despite not being the centre of attention, filler flowers and greenery are indispensable in making the main blooms look even lovelier. Experienced florists know the right choices of fillers and leaves that perfectly complement an arrangement and bring out the best in it.

As such, if you want your arrangements to have that professional look, it is important to get to know the best flower arrangement fillers that can spice up your bouquets and make them look more elegant. 

1. Bouvardia 

Bouvardia is a delicate-scented bloom characterised by white or pink star-shaped flowers clustered among each other, appearing like a small bouquet. While pretty on its own, the flower can also be used as a flower arrangement filler to create wonderful arrangements. Symbolising enthusiasm for life, bouvardia is best used for events celebrating important milestones.

2. Moss 

If you are aiming for a rather whimsical look for your bouquet, there is no better option than moss for your filler. As one of the best fillers to use in flower arrangements, moss possesses a natural, earthy feel that can add a fresh texture to your bouquets. In addition, its symbolism of motherly love can make it a perfect choice for gifts celebrating occasions that honour moms and moms-to-be.

3. Holly 

Despite being commonly associated with the Christmas season, hollies are also perfect for wedding flowers. They represent domestic happiness and humility, two things that can add a greater meaning to wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. Not to mention, the sight of cherry red berries against other blooms and greens gives off a fresh and natural look. 

4. Feverfew daisies 

Feverfew daisies are bright and lovely blooms characterised by their long and thin stems, making them akin to freshly-picked wildflowers. Although their flowers are on the small side, their white petals surrounding a bright-yellow centre make them one of the best fillers that can stand out in any arrangement. Another thing to love about these blooms is their symbolism of good health and protection.

5. Baby’s breath 

Baby’s breath, also known as angel’s breath, is regarded as one of, if not the most common, fillers used in all kinds of bouquets and flower arrangements. They can be found just about anywhere, from the nearby sidewalks to flower shops, marketplaces, churches, and more.

These blooms come in various colours, with white being the most popular choice. Their delicate and soft nature signifies innocence and thus helps create fluffy and delightful bouquets, especially when paired with roses and other timeless blooms.

Final Thoughts

Fillers are an indispensable component of bouquets and flower arrangements that not only complement the main blooms but also round the whole piece. As such, knowing which ones are the best to use is important to make your arrangements look perfect. 

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