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Guide To Picking The Best Flower Arrangements To Honour Mums

Although Mother’s Day is over, this does not mean you should stop spoiling and pampering the mums, grandmas, wives, and all mother figures who have been our leading supporters and cheerleaders throughout our lives.

Flowers are one of the best ways to show our appreciation or celebrate momentous occasions with the most important women in our lives.

While they may not always express what they want, flowers are the standard, ideal gift for women. With a bit of care and thought put into it, it is possible to show your mother your love and appreciation with daily flowers, especially if it's something that appeals to their tastes and lifts their moods.

To get you started on designing your own flower arrangement in Singapore to appreciate your mums, here are some of our suggestions.

1. Tulips

Tulips can represent a mother's demure beauty and radiant charm. Depending on the colour, tulips represent many meanings. For instance, yellow tulips radiate cheerfulness, while red ones represent love. Pink expresses affection and care, and white ones speak of purity, innocence, and eternity.

Moreover, there are other varieties of tulips like French, fringed, and parrot, that can express the uniqueness of your mother. Sending a bouquet of tulips will be equivalent to sending your mother love, care, and appreciation in one package.

2. Carnations

Carnations are considered the flower that started the iconic Mother's Day. This is because Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, sent 500 white carnations to every mother in the West Virginia congregation on her mother's death anniversary.

Indeed, carnations symbolise beauty, faith, love, purity, and charity. In particular, pink carnations signify appreciation, honour, respect, and gratitude. Hence, they are the most influential flowers, especially on Mother’s Day.

3. Rose

Roses are classic flowers that always represent love, making them ideal for moms on this special day. While roses, such as red ones, symbolise romantic love, roses from a child to a mother are a symbol of care and admiration.

Different rose colours express distinct messages, so it's wise to choose one that suits the love and appreciation you want to show her. Alternatively, you can opt for the following roses, which are standard colours for bouquets for mothers:

  • Pink Roses - A bouquet of mature roses in a deep pink shade expresses gratitude and admiration for the receiver.

  • White Roses - White roses express your pure and honest love for her

  • Yellow Roses - Yellow roses indicate care and devotion.

You could also mix and match these colours.

4. Chrysanthemums

In Australia, chrysanthemums are a traditional flower, particularly if Mother’s Day is concerned. They are called Mums for short. Hence, the name also immediately reminds people of their mothers. Moreover, these beautiful flowers are related to familial support.

Fortunately, this flower is abundant and widely available throughout May, which is when Mother’s Day takes place. It is best to give red chrysanthemums, because it represents motherly love and gratitude. Alternatively, you can go for pink ones, which signifies honest love.

5. Orchids

There was a custom of gifting rare and exotic blooms during the Victorian era. The general idea was that the rarer the flower, the deeper the love. There was an old Chinese tradition that the orchids are the ideal example of refinement, thoughtfulness, and statuesque beauty.

As a flower representing pride and maturity, the most meaningful orchids would be pink, as it means love, grace, and femininity, and purple because it symbolises royalty, respect, and admiration.

Final Thoughts

No matter what flowers you choose, we should always thank our mothers for everything they did to raise us and not save it for just that one Mother’s Day. After all, there are still other occasions, such as their birthdays.

When it comes to the perfect gift for her, it’s the thought that counts, and one of them would be a flower arrangement in Singapore, which is not only beautiful, but it also conveys the message that she is being appreciated.

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