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6 Design Elements That Make Up Stunning Flower Arrangements

6 Design Elements That Make Up Stunning Flower Arrangements

When preparing gifts for your friends and family, it is an excellent idea to send them some beautiful flower arrangements. It's even more meaningful if you take the time and thought to make your own because it lets the recipient know that they are one-of-a-kind.

On the other hand, if you want to save hassle, you can enlist a florist's help to pick and arrange flowers. Alternatively, you can opt for a weekly floral subscription to make flower gifting a regular thing.

However, should you want to go down the personal and unique route, you can enroll in a florist class in Singapore. Read on for tips on some fundamental design elements that you should always keep in mind when creating stunning arrangements of flowers.

1. Balance

A good flower arrangement in Singapore always has balance in their floral design. Balance in floral design can refer to either physical or visual balance. Physical balance is the right distribution of materials and weight in an arrangement, while visual balance means the ability of the design to appear balanced to the eye. 

Flower arrangements do not always have to be symmetrical to be considered balanced. So long as your design looks pleasing to the eye, you can leave it in its crescent or right triangle shape. 

2. Proportion and Scale

In terms of floral design, proportion and scale are considered closely related. Proportion indicates the size relationship between the arrangement's elements, such as flowers, foliage, and accessories.

In contrast, scale refers to the size relationship of the entire flower design piece and its setting (e.g. the table or the overall venue space). 

For a flower arrangement to match the setting, its elements should be consistent, and it needs to be in proportion with the space where it will be displayed or held. 

Generally, pleasing proportions include groups of 3 or 5 elements in floral design. The design itself should also be at least 1 ½ times the size of its container in width or height. 

3. Rhythm

If you want your flower arrangement to be easily perceived, you need to ensure its design has a rhythm. Rhythm refers to the visual flow or movement within the floral arrangement.

It is created by placements using colours, lines, forms, textures, materials, and space. Flower designs with a good rhythm allow your eyes to roam through the arrangement, from the focal point to the edges.

4. Emphasis or Focal Point

Most flower arrangements have an emphasis or a focal point that serves as the design's main feature. The focal point is usually a large or unique bloom that draws the eyes of the viewers. The focal point always uses more expensive flowers than the other parts of the arrangement.

To emphasise your flower arrangement, you can place dominant or contrasting materials in it either singularly or in a grouping. You can also make your focal point stand out from the rest of the design by emphasising its form, size, colour, or texture.

5. Transitions

When your flower arrangement is made by combining various flower shapes and sizes, you may need to include transitions in your design. 

To create the feeling of a smooth transition, use a pattern of flower types in your arrangement. A gradual change between the types of flowers in your arrangement will make your overall design look natural in the end.

6. Harmony and Unity

Harmony and unity are elements that should not be left out in your arrangement to create an extraordinary floral design. These two things are closely related. Harmony means the pleasing combination of colours, textures, and materials in your floral design. 

At the same time, unity refers to the presence and excellent execution of all the principles and elements of design in your arrangement.

To facilitate harmony in your floral design, make sure that all the elements of your arrangement blend well together and fit the intended purpose of your design. 

On the other hand, to achieve unity, ensure that your arrangement has all the principles and elements of design and is well-executed. 

Final Thoughts

Flower arranging is often fun and therapeutic. As you start learning about the elements that is added when arranging flowers, the more you will realise the tangible and intangible benefits it will have towards your well-being. Moreover, you can also take home a lovely floral arrangement.

If you are looking for attractive flower arrangements in Singapore for yourself or loved ones, Charlotte Puxley Flowers is available to help. We have a wide range of beautiful flower arrangements that will surely cheer up whoever that will receive your thoughtful flower gifts. 

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