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Decorating With Fresh Flowers To Get Into The Spooky Season

Decorating With Fresh Flowers To Get Into The Spooky Season

The beginning of the fall holiday season marks the return of autumn, bringing along with it the spooks, scares, and trick-or-treating of Halloween. Those that want to get into the holiday spirit would no doubt opt for the tried-and-true decorations of skeletons and other fanciful creatures of the night, but there are other ways to boo-tify your home in prettier ways.

That’s right. We are talking about fresh Halloween flowers made up of seasonal blooms you can get from your local flower shop or flowers subscriptions for daily flowers in Singapore like with Charlotte Puxley Flowers.

Without further ado, check out these fabulous ideas to enhance your Halloween décor and get into the creepy spirit!

1. Bloom-filled pumpkin pieces 

This idea takes the traditional pumpkin decoration for a spin by painting it first before hollowing it out to serve as a container for your flowers. Should you need more height for your arrangement, using a cake plate makes for the perfect base to get that extra elevation.

Alternatively, you could choose to do away with the hassle of carving out the pumpkin and simply keep it intact, only drilling holes for each bloom you want to insert. Spritz them with water to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

2. Flowery skull centrepieces 

Halloween is the best time to craft all sorts of decorations with many spooky elements to choose from as a base, like skulls, for example. The options are plentiful, from carved animal skulls like cows and deers to fake human ones, and the same goes for your flower of choice.

Do not think that you are limited to using only black Halloween flowers, as having colour can be just as stunning. With just a few supplies, designing several of these uniquely beautiful floral arrangements will have your abode ready for your scary festivities.

3. Mad scientist meets bright-coloured blooms 

No mad scientist lair is ever complete without a smattering of flasks, test tubes, and beakers all over the place. To get the same look of such a scary scene but with a more colourful and less frightful air to it, procure some of those staple lab containers and paint them in bright colours to serve as vessels for your flower arrangements.

4. Spooky spots with fresh flowers and candles 

A few fresh flowers and candles are all you need to design some frighteningly delightful spots in your house and fill them with a scary ambience.

Start with several elegant candelabras complete with drippy candles, and add in as many seasonal elements as necessary to complete your vision, like a Halloween bouquet, for instance.

The best part about this is that getting this eerie look is relatively simple since you will mostly be using household items you already have on hand. Just order your favourite seasonal blooms and style them as needed. Be reminded to keep flammable items away from the flames when decorating around real candles.

Final Thoughts 

No matter how you like to celebrate this spooky season, be it full of scary fun or hair-rising frights, a touch of floral decorations will always have a place in your seasonal décor.

If you ever need a hand in creating these boo-tiful decor ideas, Charlotte Puxley Flowers is always ready to provide you with the blooms you need to complete your decorations. From daily florals to flower arrangement workshops for flowers in Singapore, we have everything to satisfy your floral needs. 

In fact, we are hosting A Spooky Still Life Workshop just in time for Halloween and to wrap up the fall season of this year. If you would like to receive professional guidance and learn insider tips on creating the perfect Halloween-themed floral arrangements, this workshop is for you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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