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The Romance Of Dried Flowers: Why Give Them To Your Date?

The Romance Of Dried Flowers: Why Give Them To Your Date?

Dried flowers are delicately preserved blossoms that have become an excellent choice for anyone with an eye for beauty. These flowers have been intentionally dehydrated to be used typically for décor and offered as an alternative to fresh blooms. Although fresh flowers are a popular and somewhat the obvious choice when choosing a bouquet, dried flowers offer a certain charm and benefits that your loved one may prefer.

Over recent years, dried flowers' popularity has grown tremendously. You can now see dried flowers weaved into wedding flower arrangements in Singapore. With the introduction of floral preservation, dried flowers have become more widely appreciated as a design trend and a symbol of love.

Regarding gift-giving for dates, here is why dried flowers are preferred over the standard red roses and box of chocolates.

1. They can express love and comfort

Flower psychology has proven that flowers can uplift a person's spirits and vitality. They can chase away anxieties and the blues, cheering up the recipients. This is attributed to the colour, smell, or even the simple gesture of receiving a gift.

Put a smile on your other half or loved ones’ faces and gift them a rustic and crispy dried flowers bouquet. As dried flowers last longer, they serve as a constant reminder of your care, concern, and thoughtfulness to your partner, whether they are with you or distant from you.

2. They are easy to arrange

Dried flowers are made to last. This essentially entails that many dried flowers, which have been around for a while, can still be reused and placed in another room for decoration.

If you do not like how your present flower arrangement appears, you can easily tweak it by adding some dried flowers in different colours. Dried flowers can conveniently go with any interior design and colour modifications.

This is why many people love using dried flowers when arranging their romantic floral bouquet or making changes to their room décor. Should you wish to know more, you can read up on how to take your floral design to the next level.

3. They are low maintenance

Although fresh flowers are lovely, they usually require water and constant attention to stay vibrant. A dried flower arrangement will appeal more to someone you know who does not have the time to spare to care for the flowers.

Dried flowers are ideal for anybody who loves to be "hands-off" with their presents because they sit in their vase and only require occasional cleaning and dusting. No soil, water, fertiliser, or pruning is needed. All they need is the avoidance of moisture and direct sunlight. 

4. They have a long lifespan

When properly cared for, dried flowers may easily be in good condition for years, making them a suitable home accent or anniversary present. While fresh flowers typically survive 7 to 12 days with adequate care, dried flowers can last for many months, and some can even persist for up to three years.

Anyone wishing to admire their flower arrangement for several weeks or months later will surely find dried flowers an ideal gift.

Final thoughts

There is no denying that dried flowers are an attractive alternative for those who wish to be different in their floral gift for their partner. 

If you want to give your other half something classic but unique at the same time on your next anniversary or simple date night, you can check out our dried florals. Our bespoke dried floral bouquets feature a variety of hues and textures that can send the right message to the recipient during special occasions. 

Aside from dried flowers, we also offer various other flower arrangements in Singapore that suit your or your partner's liking. Furthermore, our workshops can teach you how to make a unique floral gift for any occasion on your own through our floral arrangement workshops. For more details about our premium flowers, contact us today.

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