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Celebrate Spring: Popular Easter Flowers And Their Meanings

Celebrate Spring: Popular Easter Flowers And Their Meanings

Everyone is familiar with flowers. Whether it be for gift-giving, personalising our own homes, or making special occasions simply unforgettable, flowers are a staple in touching the hearts of viewers. With Easter coming up, the notion of celebration is on our minds now more than ever!

With countless to choose from, we know the options can be overwhelming. Join us as we explore the meanings behind popular easter flowers to find which are truly the right match for you.

1. Easter Lilies

The namesake of this upcoming holiday, the Easter Lily is a vital part of Easter Day. These fragrant bulbs grow in mid-to-tall stalks, with several flowers that produce cascading petals framing any surface you place them on. 

The Easter Lily is a harbinger of hope: a purity through rebirth this Easter season. Shed any negativity from this past year and start afresh with new beginnings in your home. The Easter Lily is perfect for both ushering in Easter as well as staying true to a clean slate and healthy habits we all promised ourselves in this new year.

The Easter Lily is characteristically seen in “Nellie White”, but other colour variations are also available, including yellow flowers in “Deliana” and a pink variety in “Elegant Lady”. These make for the perfect flower arrangement, with the petals adding a customisable pop of colour to your home.

2. Sunflowers 

The iconic shade of sunflowers makes it an eye-catching element to any flower arrangement, and their shape and size make them perfect as solo gifts or when paired with larger baskets. 

Sunflowers symbolise loyalty and admiration, and what better way to show these feelings to a loved one than huge sunflowers greeting them with their yellow radiance? Famed artist Vincent Van Gogh himself had an affinity for these flowers in his work, featuring them prominently in many paintings.

Make your loved ones’ spaces look straight out of a Van Gogh masterpiece by incorporating these sunflowers into your gift-giving, transforming them into your own works of art. 

3. Daisies

A garden classic. Daisies are small and neutral-coloured, bringing an air of class to your Easter festivities. 

Daisies represent purity and cheer, so symbolic of Easter Day and the ushering in of Spring.

Decorate your Easter baskets with these prim daisies and give your festivities the elegance and grace they deserve. This also allows you to let your Easter eggs and gifts shine while keeping that floral touch in these baskets just right.

4. Azaleas

This one is for the couples out there. Roses are beautiful, but have you ever felt like they were overdone? Keep the love, all the while incorporating festive cheer with azaleas! These flowers represent beauty and love, and both come together in a winning combination within their petals. 

Show your love with classic pink and red azaleas, or venture out and opt for funky purples, oranges, and yellows. A bouquet mixing and matching these shades can really bring out the creativity and fun ever-present within Easter celebrations, as well as capture the essence of your partner’s light in your own life.

Final Thoughts

The count of flower varieties available to you is limitless, but finding the ones truly made for you is a special experience. Mixing the inherent symbolism of these flowers with what they mean to you makes for a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement, whether it be for you or your loved ones.

These Easter flowers are popular for a reason: they are beautiful, versatile, and definitely add flair to any event. If you would like to incorporate these florals into your daily life, our educational flower workshops make the process easy.

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