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How To Choose Between A Colourful Or Neutral Wedding Palette

How To Choose Between A Colourful Or Neutral Wedding Palette

There are a few things to consider when planning a wedding: the venue, the guestlist, the bride’s stunning dress, and many more. Glam permeates every detail at the function, and colour is integral to this special romance. 

With so many aspects to keep in mind, a couple expecting to tie the knot can be a bit overwhelmed by where to start. Fret not; we are here to help!

First, what catches your eye?

Figure out the aspects of the wedding that make your heart flutter. Is it the design of the bride’s dress? Maybe it’s her makeup and how these colours marry (pun intended). If these are statement-making hues you would love to don, then perhaps your wedding palette could border on versatile beiges and blush pinks as a contrast.

A vivid eyeshadow look would really stand out against a more neutral backdrop: Picture emerald green sparkly eyelids amongst a sea of cascading ivory in the background. 

On the contrary, for brides who agree that more is more, a bold choice would be to match that eye-catching glam with an equally-fiery scene. Celebrate the day in style, with colours all around. At Charlotte Puxley, our daily flower delivery offers both prim pastels and dazzling tones, perfect for any palette. 

Next, let the couples unite!

Perhaps you like neutrals, while your partner wants bright colours. It could be hard to settle on just one palette. Why not fuse the two? Nothing shows the merging of two lovers better than a slick execution of both palettes in one. 

Collaborate to achieve a mixed floral arrangement filled with customised neutral petals to balance out dazzlingly bright bouquets. It would be an ode to your love, captured forever both in pictures and the hearts of the couple. 

Lastly, take a risk

For those wanting a subtle edge, have you ever thought about dried flowers? An unexpected yet beautiful choice when done right, dried flowers have long since represented unceasing and eternal love. With Charlotte Puxley’s own carefully dehydrated flowers, we craft bouquets that showcase the true neutral tones of these beauties. They are the perfect personification of committed love: gentle and steady. 

While fresh daily flowers may look great on your wedding day, they will not last as long as their dried counterparts, with the latter continuing to keep their allure for months if cared for properly. They carry a certain sophisticated charm and hold long-term benefits if you would like to keep some floral wedding mementoes as keepsakes.

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding is not easy, but getting the colours just right is the first leap in things finally settling into place. Wedding flowers hold great depth and personality, indicators of the couple-to-wed, and signify to attendees just how great their shared love is.

Our handcrafted bouquets offer couples ease in picking out designs that complement their big day perfectly, and our mix-and-match options offer versatility for those who want neutrals and colours to meet in the middle, a symbol of wedded union. 

Our bridal floral workshop makes this easy, guiding brides and bridesmaids on how to curate that expertise in their own bouquet arrangements. For inquiries on our products and services, feel free to contact us.

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