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5 Ways Flowers Can Make Great Accessories For Weddings

5 Ways Flowers Can Make Great Accessories For Weddings

Weddings have changed throughout the years, from glamorous decorations and outfits to minimalist and customised styles. When planning a wedding, there is this desire to be simplistic with an added sense of personal touch, and this is where florals come in. 

Flowers have become an iconic part of the wedding planning process. Still, many wedding planners or brides do not realise that these flowers can be used for other purposes besides floral arrangements.

Brides who prefer something new or enjoy chasing after something unconventional can steer clear of the classic bridesmaids’ bouquet and contain the idea of flowers in other ways.

There are various wedding flower arrangements in Singapore, but there are also other sophisticated options for flowers to be used. To give you an idea, check out this list of floral accessories and how you can make use of your flowers for your wedding.

1. Flower crowns

The undying flower crown is here to stay. However, brides should explore beyond commonly used blooms such as peonies and roses.

Flower crowns are easy-to-style floral accessories because of their proportions, which can be translated to bigger and bolder choices. Moreover, there is always that one model flower crown for every wedding theme. Flower crowns and necklaces follow a discreet water source arrangement, so these wedding accessories last longer.

2. Corsages 

Corsages may be known for proms, but you can wear these petite floral arrangements on the wrist like a bracelet. While the bride and bridesmaids typically carry flower bouquets, other female family members and friends may wear corsages.

These flower accessories are the perfect final touches to a wearer's dress on this grand occasion. In addition, it is one of the eco-friendlier ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding, should you wish to keep it simple. 

3. Floral earrings 

Floral earrings are small and delicate, which makes them an accessory that is somewhat challenging to pull off. Nevertheless, anyone can look amazing in flower earrings if they match them with the right outfit (e.g. similar colours) or the wedding theme. 

While these accessories may be difficult to connect to a water source, floral earrings make novel statements as wedding accessories. 

4. Floral necklaces 

If you are feeling adventurous, a floral necklace will most definitely steal the spotlight as much as any piece of diamond jewellery would.

What makes floral necklaces different is that they are highly versatile and come in many various forms. Some examples include floral pendants, chokers, and leis. Floral necklaces can also be one-of-a-kind, especially if it is handmade. 

Furthermore, flower necklaces are easy to customise. After all, you can make a chain of flowers or simply thread one through a string. 

5. Boutonnière 

Who said men are excluded from wearing fresh blooms on their wedding day? Boutonnieres are single flowers or a small cluster of flowers typically worn by men in formal events such as weddings.

Traditionally, a boutonnière would include the same type of flower as the bridal bouquet or at least a similar look and colour palette. As a rule of thumb, it is best to go for sturdier flowers that can maintain their shape all day. 

Final thoughts

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days in your lifetime, so it is only natural to allot a considerable portion of your time for the best day of your life. More than just a décor, flowers reflect and create the mood for the room, and the right ones will spread joy like no other.

These flowers, whether it is seasonal or daily flowers in Singapore, can be more than just a decoration or a fancy bridal bouquet. If you would like to learn how to make some of your own flower accessories, Charlotte Puxley is here with a wide range of beautiful flowers and educational flower workshops.

In particular, our private bridal workshops teach brides-to-be how to make wedding accessories such as corsages, flower crowns, boutonniere, and bridal centrepieces. Attend our workshop and bring home your very own masterpiece.

Alternatively, we have a range of hassle-free ready-to-wear bridal florals collections to cater to any wedding theme. Contact us for more information about our products and services.

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