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The Essential Guide To Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are sentimental and symbolic occasions associated with rings, dresses, and of course, flowers. Wedding florals are often a substantial part of the venue’s decor and play an important role in creating a vibrant and romantic ambience.

Wedding flowers are not just about bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets. They come in an array of arrangements that cover various aspects of your wedding such as the tables, walls, and even deck out the stairs. With so many possibilities, it is easy to overlook some arrangements to include in your wedding. Here is a checklist of a variety of floral arrangements to expect in a wedding ceremony.

Florals for the wedding party

The bridal bouquet is often the first consideration that complements the wedding dress and hairstyle. A flower crown is a popular accessory amongst brides to complete their hairstyle for a more bohemian, whimsical feel. Selecting a similar variety of flowers or other blooms in similar colours would complete the look. The groom's boutonniere should also complement the bridal bouquet.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets also play a significant role in a wedding ceremony, as they accompany and complement the bride’s own. Some couples may prefer a single floral arrangement for all the bridesmaids, while others may leave the bridesmaids to select an arrangement that best showcases their unique personalities.

Varying the floral arrangements will add visual interest and contrast, while a consistent design would create a cohesive, visually appealing photograph. If you are having  trouble deciding, we suggest consulting your wedding photographer to get their opinion on what would work best for your photos. 

Ceremonial florals 

When wedding guests first enter the venue, they are greeted by welcome arrangements placed at the door of the reception, or next to the entrance. These welcome arrangements play an important role in setting the tone for the wedding; they give the guests an idea of what to expect and anticipate during the ceremony. If specific flowers or themes show up consistently in your wedding florals, you may like to consider  including these for the table arrangements as well. 

Aisle decorations have the potential to transform your wedding venue as they can turn an empty space into a luxurious, romantic landscape. Two similar, eye-catching arrangements on either side of the aisle with minor variations would add a soft pop of colour without breaking the bank.

Lastly, vivid displays of altar floral arrangements are often included as they typically make up the backdrop of your wedding photos taken during the ceremony. A flower arch would add height and grandeur to the photos, but a smaller centre arrangement is just as eye-catching and beautiful.

Reception florals 

When it comes to wedding flower arrangements in Singapore, table centrepieces are quintessential in setting a mood. During the reception, guests would be spending most of their time at their respective tables enjoying food, drinks, and conversation. Aside from an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, consider the possible allergens or smells that these blooms may release. Taking care of such details would create a pleasant and comfortable experience for your guests.

In Singapore, car arrangements are also a common sight. Couples would decorate their vehicles for a celebratory and joyous mood. Some examples of popular decor include car hood florals and door posies.

Final thoughts

While the bouquet toss is one of the most anticipated events of a wedding, other wedding florals are equally  as important in setting the perfect wedding ambience. If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, we hope this guide serves as a checklist, and shed some light on the different floral arrangements you can consider as part of your planning.

If you have any questions concerning wedding day florals, consulting an expert may be helpful, so feel free to reach out to us. Here at Charlotte Puxley Flowers, we are always delighted to help create unique arrangements that celebrate you and your significant other. Our flower bouquet workshops in Singapore are also popular among brides who wish to take charge of their own vision or celebrate their hens’, so come unleash your creativity with us. We also offer exquisite floral delivery in Singapore, ensuring your loved ones receive stunning floral arrangements for any occasion. 

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