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Picking Sustainable Flowers For An Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day

Every year in May, the second Sunday of the month is dedicated to one of the most important women in our lives. Mother’s Day is a time for us to honour and celebrate our mums and those who have been a role-model or inspirational figure in our life that we would like to extend our gratitude towards. Perhaps your wife, sister, friend or colleague comes to mind.

One of the quintessential Mother’s Day gift is undoubtedly, a beautiful bouquet of flowers to show our appreciation and to put a smile on their faces. While we’re showing the ladies in our lives how much they mean to us, we could think about doing the same for Mother Nature as well. Did you know that not all flowers are created equal and most come at a huge environmental cost?

Carbon footprint and waste

Flowers that are imported require air transport, meaning that their carbon impact will much higher compared to goods than can be transported by a slower cargo ship. As flowers also require refrigerated transportation to keep them fresh, the electricity used to power them produces CO2 emissions. At the same time, refrigerants can also be released to the atmosphere which act as greenhouse gases.

Aside from carbon footprint, the international transport process also creates tons of trash from boxes and little plastic tubes that protect fragile stems, to packing paper, synthetic sponges and tapes. Oftentimes, flowers are also wrapped in single-use plastic packaging. Waste that comes from a single bouquet can easily accumulate as demand rises, leading to trash that ends up filling up the local landfills for years to come.

Choosing eco-friendly options

Even with that in mind, it doesn’t mean you have to skip flower gifting entirely. There are other options that are greener and feel-good for the heart and the environment. 

It is also common for flowers to be grown with the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. What you can do is look out for flowers that are grown or cultivated using natural and organic procedures – which not only means better quality, but the soil is much healthier and benefits the environment.

Eco-conscious florists are also slowly popping up across the country as they offer unique floral arrangements made with locally grown flowers, eliminating the need for air transport. You can always check with your florist in Singapore especially, to know where your flowers come from.

Final thoughts

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, the team at Charlotte Puxley Flowers are celebrating the special women in our lives with flowers that also spare a thought for the environment. Our floral centrepieces do not come with packaging options like floral foams, which are non-biodegradable and add to the micro-plastics waste. We place our flower arrangements in vases that are sourced from all around the world so you can reuse them countless times and reduce single-use plastic. Your mum will surely appreciate the extra thought you give to surprise her with eco-friendly flowers and care for the Earth.

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