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Holiday Gift Guide: Bring Jolly Cheer With These Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Guide: Bring Jolly Cheer With These Gift Ideas

Gift-giving during Christmas can prove difficult for many people, especially when they have several hard-to-shop-for people on their list. From sticking to a budget to making sure to get a good gift, there are many considerations to account for that can make one’s head spin.

Thankfully, there is one type of gift that can help you out if you are in a similar situation, and that is Christmas flowers! Perfect for any occasion, Christmas blooms are an excellent gift that helps spread the holiday cheer, show your love, affection, and express your gratitude, and can be used to decorate your recipient’s abode.

If you need ideas on what type of flowers to get, here is our quick holiday gift guide for jolly gift ideas at Charlotte Puxley.

1. Reds

In line with one of the most recognisable colours of Christmas, our top picks for red blooms are Sugar Plum Fairies and Seasonal Reds. The former comes in a hand-made and custom-made vase inspired by a Willy Wonka Christmas and topped with nerines, rosehips, ilex, and lurch pines.

Reds Sugar Plum Fairies

The latter gives off the smell of Christmas with its aroma of pine and wild branches emanating from the flowers that embrace all the reds, swirls, pines, and berries of the holiday season.

Reds Seasonal Reds

2. Greens

Matching the colour of the Christmas tree lightening up our homes, our top picks for greens include The Pickles Do Christmas Perfectly and One Enormous Swag. As our version of a Christmas tree, The Pickles Do Christmas Perfectly flower arrangement features expressive wild branches flanked with impressive complements of ribbons, baubles, berries, and cinnamon sticks, and comes in 2 sizes: BFG and Snozzcumber.

Greens BFG

On the other hand, One Enormous Swag provides a touch of Christmas cheer at a low space footprint. This fine pine arrangement is meant to be hung like the tradition of the Christmas mistletoe and will fit perfectly above the dining table and sofa.

Greens One Enormous Swag

3. Nudes

If you are interested in a nude palette flower arrangement, we recommend our The Adventure of Christmas Pudding and The Snowflakes of Swan Lake.

The former makes for the perfect main attraction in any Christmas decor arrangement and features lovely white centrepiece flowers among tasteful fillers that showcase their beauty. A little heads up: as the pudding vases are custom-made and available in limited quantities, do make sure to grab yours quickly!

Nudes The Adventure of Christmas Pudding

The Snowflakes of Swan Lake is a versatile arrangement that allows for the choice between two dainty bud vases and is designed to bring the outdoors in to us and make the appreciation of flowers more accessible to all.

Nudes The Snowflakes of Swan Lake

4. Wreaths

Wreaths are a staple in Christmas decor, and our choices for the arrangements that would fit well into your decorations are our Rolling Reds Again, Green and Wild, and Nude by Nature.

Rolling Reds Again is our mainstay, as the name suggests, and comes with a moss base that provides moisture to the surrounding greens, is decorated with fillers such as pine cones, rosehip berries, larch branches and all things red, and topped off with a linen tencel blended ribbon for a hint of drama.

Wreaths Rolling Reds Again

Green and Wild is a highly organic wreath featuring little cinnamon sticks and branches sourced from our very own cutting garden. This arrangement is perfect for adding a festive welcome to your front door or sprinkling a bit of magic to your table setting.

Wreaths Green and Wild

Last but not least, Nude By Nature evokes a more feminine touch and that raw forest-y look made possible by our homegrown branches. For those who prefer subtlety and enjoy a neutral touch, this lush beauty is the perfect piece to spruce up your home for the holidays.

Wreaths Nude by Nature

5. DIY Wreath Kit

DIY Wreath Kit

Want to craft a gift bearing your personal touch? Our DIY Wreath Kit may just be what you need. The package contains all the materials from the base to the decorations, such as ribbons, pinecones, and more, ready to be made into whatever designs you envision. All you need are scissors and a working area, and let your creativity flow unfettered.

6. Wreath Workshops

Wreath Workshops

If you are a fan of making your own holiday gift but would prefer to have expert guidance, our Christmas Wreath Making Workshops are the perfect place to pick up the knowledge, essential skills, and confidence you need to create your own Christmas wreath anywhere, anytime. All the tools and materials are on the house, along with refreshments and sweet treats to keep your creative juices flowing.

7. Christmas Candle

Christmas Candle

The holiday experience is never complete without burning a Christmas-scented candle to create a festive atmosphere. Introducing Charlotte Puxley’s first-ever limited edition candle: Silent Night Candle Bright. Now, you can light up your home with the irresistible scents of neroli, black tea, sandalwood, and cedar.

8. Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Have a heartfelt message you would like to express to your gift recipient? Embrace traditionalism by writing down your message on our rendition of A Card For Grandma. Hand-drawn by Charlotte, this card makes for the perfect complement and adds a finishing touch to your present.

Final Thoughts 

Christmas season is the time for sharing love and joy with those near and dear to us, and what better way to do so than with a gift of festive blooms? As our favourite season of the year, we at Charlotte Puxley have curated the fresh and festive florals above to help you deck out your den for the upcoming holidays. 

With its own twist and charm, our 2022 Christmas collection has something for everyone and will give your home a beautiful uplift.

Apart from our Christmas blooms and arrangements, we also provide other services that bring you daily flowers, such as our flower subscription and other seasonal workshops to create your very own flower arrangement in vase in Singapore. For more information about our Christmas collection, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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