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Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Flowers

Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Flowers

Flowers are essential in almost all wedding celebrations. They are symbolic in many ways across different cultures, with the common thread being to wish the couple happiness and satisfaction as they embark on the journey of marriage.

However, many brides often choose flowers based on misconceptions or mistaken assumptions for their wedding.

Picking the fresh blooms for your wedding is one of the most enjoyable wedding preparation tasks. The process can be enhanced if flowers were chosen according to your preferences or expert advice, rather than myths or misconceptions.

Here are three common misconceptions you have probably heard of when it comes to wedding flowers.

Misconception #1: Flowers are available all year round 

Typically, brides are able to select varieties of florals and even colors from a wide range. However, it is often easy to overlook the part that seasons have to play in what is available, depending on the time of year that the wedding is being planned for. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no specific type of flower that blooms all year round.

Therefore, seasonal changes affect the availability and cost of your preferred wedding florals. To be sure of the flower's availability, consult your florist in advance about the availability of your preferred flowers, particularly during the month of your wedding. As a seasonal florist, Charlotte Puxley Flowers believes that ebbing and flowing with the seasons is a more sustainable way to create. 

Moreover, when considering what flowers to use, it is advisable to have a second or even a third option as backup.

Misconception #2: Only expensive flowers can make a wedding look elegant 

In Singapore, bridal bouquets often are requested to be designed as “elegant” or “classy” and often translate into a mindset of bridal bouquets being heavy on the pocket. However, you do not necessarily have to spend a tremendous amount of money to make your wedding florals look stylish and stunning.

While most costly flowers can indeed bring beautiful effects, you can choose to save money by combining more upscale materials with the more ordinary ones. This is often achievable when the emphasis is placed on the color palette, instead of focusing on the floral variety that make up the bouquet.

For instance, your wedding bouquet can be a mixture of classy roses and hydrangeas and more modest carnations and daisy poms. This budget-saving tip will surely still give your wedding florals some lovely results while adding texture to the bouquet

Alternatively, consider a heavier foliage to floral ratio when creating a vision for your bridal flowers. Aside from saving cost with foliage, the arrangements often mimic nature more closely with a more organic, earthy feel.

Misconception #3: Designing flowers on your own is the best way to economise your wedding florals 

Misconception #3: Designing flowers on your own is the best way to economise your wedding florals

There are talented amateur florists everywhere - anyone with a touch of creativity can put together a lovely bunch of flowers. If you are someone who loves arranging and designing flowers, perhaps it has crossed your mind to create your own wedding flowers.

Many have a misconception that it is effortless to arrange beautiful florals, only to find out later that it takes more than they think. Floral arrangement requires talent, knowledge, and skills. If you have a desire to become more adept at arranging and designing flowers, consider signing up for floral arrangement classes in Singapore where florists can give you tips and tricks on specific floral making techniques.

Taking up the task of floral arrangement for wedding day can add more stress. If you have the capacity to, engaging a florist can give you space to focus on fully being present and enjoy your big day. 

Final thoughts

While there are several misconceptions about selecting and designing wedding flowers, working with a florist can often help to alleviate stress leading up to the big day. The collaborative process can bring you closer towards achieving the look and feel, allowing you to reassess priorities for your wedding day.

If you have any questions regarding wedding flowers, we would love to chat. At Charlotte Puxley Flowers, we are always looking forward to working in partnership with our clients in creating unique and beautiful floral arrangements that mark the milestone.

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