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5 Flowers To Appreciate The Important Women In Your Life

Throughout the years, people worldwide have celebrated the women in their lives by honouring International Women's Day on March 8. Although it is now over, celebrating women is not limited to a single day, and we can continue the practice of appreciating the women in our lives.

If you want to appreciate a woman in your life simply yet meaningfully, gifting them a beautiful floral arrangement in Singapore is a great starting point. Read on for suggestions on the types of lowers you could give to commemorate her on this special day.


Roses are love flowers, making them an ideal choice. Different rose colours have specific meanings, so it's wise to choose one that suits the message you want to convey.

For example, purple roses are an excellent pick, as they are associated with passion, enchantment, royalty, and sophistication. This helps show your appreciation for the Queens in your life.


Tulip season signifies the start of Spring, which we are currently in. These flowers are not unique only because of their seasonal availability, but also because these colorful and elegant blooms also signify perfect and deep love.

They are ideal to gift to those whom you have a deep, unconditional love for, whether it’s your spouse, mother, sister or friend. Since they represent perfect love, this makes tulips a great option to show your gratitude toward the recipient.


Mimosa is a symbolic flower often associated with International Women's Day. Originating in Italy, these beautiful blooms have spread worldwide, in representing this special day.

Mimosa is a cheerful flower that is related to sunlight and summer. It also symbolises respect, dignity, elegance, and kindness, making it ideal to appreciate the extraordinary women in your life.


Nothing exudes femininity more so than lilies. Lilies, particularly peace lilies, are low maintenance plants that only require a shady spot and watering once a week, it is an ideal option for women who appreciate having a plant indoors with minimum fuss.

Lilies represent devotion or purity. Depending on the type of lily, the culture and colour, it can also represent fresh life and rebirth.


The fragile peony is a fixture in classic and contemporary bouquets due to its delicate, unassuming beauty. Its beauty stands out without being overbearing.

These blooms symbolise prosperity, happiness and good fortune. This flower is an ideal appreciation gift because it represents honour and compassion, making it an excellent way to celebrate women's success. 

Final thoughts

Showing your love and admiration to the important women in your life can be more than buying flowers from a shop and presenting a bouquet. The meaning of the flowers and the colour palette can also match your intention behind the gift.

If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of flowers and how different floral arrangements can vary the impact on the recipient, attending a floral arrangement course in Singapore is something you might consider.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers offers a variety of floral arrangements and engaging florist classes that will give you the basics and confidence to replicate a flowers arrangement in Singapore at any time.

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