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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Flowers

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Flowers

While every aspect of your wedding décor is vital in bringing your dream wedding affair to life, none have an immediate visual like florals. Florals can introduce the romantic atmosphere and also give the message that your big day will be one exciting celebration.

If flowers are the language of love, adorning your reception with beautiful florals exhibiting symbolic meanings can perfectly encapsulate the depth of your love and sentiments you harbour towards your partner.

As the investment towards your own creative wedding flowers will dictate how your guests experience the ceremony, you may want to dedicate time searching for the right florals to incorporate into your wedding.

While the process of choosing the suitable wedding flower arrangements in Singapore may not be a bed of roses, here are some tips you can utilise to create a stunning floral impact on your big day. 

1. Gather inspiration 

Gather inspiration

Some couples begin sourcing wedding floral inspiration years before they get married, while others embark on the planning process upon flaunting a ring on their finger.

Adopting both approaches is ideal, as you have ample time to address the nitty-gritty details of your ceremony and visualise the floral arrangements you have in mind.

However, if you want to start on a blank slate, it is best to draw inspiration from as many online resources as possible before the big day comes around. Moreover, you would want the flowers to match your wedding theme.

Take a moment to brush up on your knowledge of bouquet styles and flower types; browse through wedding floral décor pictures online and start jotting down your floral preferences. This includes colours, styles, and shapes. You can even scour for wedding flowers packages in Singapore to see if they provide the flowers you want.

With proper research, you can frame a clear idea of what the floral centrepieces and wedding bouquet flowers for your wedding will look like.  

2. Source for a wedding florist 

Source for a wedding florist

Your special day is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, so you will want to find flowers that can perfectly fit your colour scheme and budget.

Hiring a florist designer is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make, as they will aid you in making your dream wedding a reality and more.

Florist designers are a lifesaver when offering professional input about your chosen wedding flowers, such as picking between daisies or calla lilies to match your wedding gown.

When selecting a potential floral vendor, ensure that you find a designer whose style resonates with yours. After all, your ceremony should include floral elements that match your aesthetic.

If you have a penchant for ethereal designs, do not engage a florist renowned for traditional wedding flower arrangements in Singapore.

A tip is to look at their Instagram or online portfolio of weddings that they have previously worked on for a sense of their capabilities and style. It will also help you to be aware of what they can create with different budget levels.

3. Set a budget for your wedding flowers 

Set a budget for your wedding flowers

Pricing compatibility is essential in selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding. This is because floral service costs can vary, and certain factors such as guest count, flower preferences, and seasonality are all considerations that affect the total price.

Setting a budget is vital in determining how much money you can fork out for your blooms, as well as help you in sourcing a reputable floral vendor who can bring your vision to life at a modest price.

Do not be swayed to spruce up your wedding with luxurious, over-the-top floral decorations akin to those high-end weddings you come across on social media – instead, only work with what you can afford.

It is possible to hold an equally magnificent wedding floral wonderland so long you work within your budget and cut down on unnecessary floral expenditure.

4. Choose from seasonal blooms 


Choose from seasonal blooms

When narrowing down your list of dream floral selections, choosing your wedding flowers by season is one of the most cost-efficient solutions.

Picking from a pool of seasonal flowers to decorate your ceremony is always preferable to imported, out-of-season florals. Not only are they considerably cheaper and easier to source, but in-season blooms are also more sustainable for the earth.

Additionally, when you buy flowers in season, they are at the peak of their growth. Hence, they can offer more luscious, eye-catching blooms. Your special day provides the perfect opportunity for you to show these flowers off to your loved ones, as it is when their beauty is at its finest.

Furthermore, by shopping local and purchasing seasonal floral arrangements, you can bring about a more positive impact on the environment as you are mitigating additional energy consumption when importing the flowers.

Final thoughts 

Final thoughts

Whether it’s daily florals or seasonal ones, flowers are essential for adding beauty and style to your big day. Hence, giving the florals your attention is worth the value and time you spend on it. Should you need a wedding florist that provides premium bespoke floral services via sustainable practices, Charlotte Puxley Flowers are more than happy to lend a helping hand.

We offer a personalised approach to weddings, so no two arrangements are identical. Should you wish to learn hands-on skills to beautify your bridal bouquet, we also offer wedding flower workshops to guide you in every step of the way.

Alternatively, not only do we offer a wide array of ala carte wedding flowers, but we also provide a host of attractive wedding flower packages in Singapore. To kickstart your wedding plans, you can browse our online store or you can sign up for our wedding flower workshop to make your own accessories and hand bouquet in Singapore.

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