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Choosing The Right Bridal Bouquet For Your Special Day

Choosing The Right Bridal Bouquet For Your Special Day

The bridal bouquet has experienced several decades of evolving symbolisms, from being a charm that wards off bad luck during the Middle Ages, to brides in the Victorian times expressing romantic feelings through their floral choices. Today, the modern bouquet is a pretty and classic way to elevate your overall look during your wedding affair. Acting as a complementary accessory that ties your wedding theme, dress and decor together, deciding what you hold for the walk down the aisle becomes notably important.

Wedding flowers have long signified love and beauty, and many brides prefer customising their bouquets to select specific flowers and colours that match their wedding theme or hold a special meaning. Now that getting a personalised bouquet of flowers is on your wedding prep to-do list, where do we begin? From picking the shape of the bouquet to figuring out the style and flowers used, the task might seem foreign and daunting to most. To make things simpler, we have penned down three main factors to pay attention to when picking a bouquet for your special day.

Think About Your Wedding Dress and Theme

Choose Bridal Bouquet - Think about your wedding dress and theme

Bouquets come in all shapes and sizes, from small and round ones to cascading bouquets that trail to the floor. Your bouquet should complement the details of your dress without overshadowing you. For instance, choosing a large, hand-tied bouquet as a petite person could throw your look off-balance.

Also keep in mind the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. Neutral, earthy shades such as sage and taupe would be perfect for a bohemian-themed wedding to give an example. Talk to your florists if you are hesitant as they are definitely the experts on this. Ultimately, it is important to choose a bouquet that fits your overall style and that you can carry around comfortably for the entire occasion.

Seasonal Floristry

 Choose Bridal Bouquet - Seasonal Florist

Not all varieties of flowers are available year-round so choosing seasonal ones helps to create sustainably and at a lower cost, especially since most flowers in Singapore have to be imported from overseas. Here at our floral studio, we also offer flowers grown and cut in our very own cutting garden. If bursts of colour such as burnt orange marigolds and deep purple verbenas are part of your vision, consider our seasonal garden flowers for your bridal mix.

Generally, we recommend focusing on the colour palette and theme of your wedding instead of the floral variety when creating your arrangements. That being said, check with your florists if you have special requests so that they can potentially source the flowers in advance.

Work Closely With Your Florist

Choose Bridal Bouquets - Work Closely With Your Florist

Needless to say, your florist is your best guide on what’s ideal for the occasion, so clearly communicate your ideas to them during the wedding flower consultations. For starters, details such as your budget, wedding venue and date, along with a moodboard with reference images of the proposed theme will be helpful in getting the florist to better understand your needs.

Don’t worry if you are not sure of the exact details - your florist is here for that! Just have a feel of the style that you are going for: rustic, garden, bohemian, pastels, textural… If you are also someone who puts emphasis on flower languages, work with your florists to make wedding flowers with memorable meanings. It helps to simply come up with keywords that match your concept, and see the creations that your florist envisions and brings to life.

Choose Bridal Bouquet - Bridal Bouquets Centerpiece

The bridal bouquet aside, bring a little more nature to the event by incorporating flowers in other ways. Captivate your guests with beautifully-adorned table centrepieces that will accompany them through the day/night, or deck up your backdrop to give the space more character and create a charming ambiance.

Choose Bridal Bouquet - Bridal Bouquets from Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Simply keep in mind these three key factors of your wedding dress, seasonal floristry and communicating effectively with your florists, and you are on your way to creating beautiful wedding bouquets! For those who prefer simple affairs, stick to the classics with Charlotte Puxley’s curated range of ready-to-wear florals, made from the best seasonal flowers that have been handpicked for your big day. Ensure a timely delivery of both our bespoke and ready-to-wear bouquets by contacting us and placing your orders in advance.

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