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CNY Gift Ideas: Celebrate The Dragon Year with Thoughtful Gifts

CNY Gift Ideas: Celebrate The Dragon Year with Thoughtful Gifts 2024

Gift-giving during the festive season holds immense significance as it fosters a sense of connection, goodwill, and joy among friends and families. A tradition that transcends cultural boundaries, gift-giving during the Lunar New Year is not limited to those that celebrate the season alone, and can be practised simply as a gesture of appreciation to those that are important to us. Here, we suggest several Chinese New Year (CNY) gift ideas that will help you convey good wishes and express gratitude to your family and friends. From the traditional red packets to CNY flowers that will uplift your recipient’s spirits, thoughtful and meaningful CNY gifts set a positive tone for the coming year.

Exchanging gifts during Chinese New Year is deeply rooted in tradition and symbolism. The practice reflects the Chinese belief in bringing prosperity, luck, and happiness to both the giver and the recipient. In Chinese culture, the intention behind the gift is highly valued, emphasising the importance of giving with a genuine heart. Being a time of reunion and renewal, the holiday brings people together, strengthening relationships and creating lasting memories. The act of giving and receiving gifts embodies the spirit of generosity, love, and celebration, making it an integral part of the occasion.

CNY Gift Ideas for Both Modern and Traditional Souls

Red Packets

As classic as it gets, red packets, or "hongbao/ang pow” are the one thing that most children look forward to receiving during this season. A symbol of good luck and prosperity, these envelopes contain money and are traditionally given to children, unmarried individuals, and employees as a gesture of blessings and good fortune.

Snacks and Gourmet Treats

CNY is a season when everyone becomes a real foodie, given the countless number of tasty treats that comes with the celebration of the new year. Gifts of traditional Chinese treats, such as candies, dried fruits, and special New Year delicacies, symbolise sweetness, good fortune, and the sharing of abundance with loved ones. Alternatively, opt for a grander gift with customised CNY hampers, combining various items such as gourmet treats, teas, and festive decorations.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers hold deep symbolism in Chinese culture, conveying positive sentiments and good wishes. Considered auspicious, flowers bring positive energy and good luck into homes. Meanings aside, flowers add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to your Lunar New Year décor, enhancing the visual appeal of your home and celebrations as you welcome your friends and family for the festivities. When gifting florals for the lunar New Year, you can either choose flowers that match your recipient’s home interior or opt for some festive flower arrangements to get them ready for their new year hosting.

There are several ways to use flowers for Lunar New Year decorations to spruce up your house. Arrange flowers as vibrant centrepieces to adorn your Lunar New Year feast table or coffee tables, adding character and creating a focal point for family gatherings.

CNY Flower Arrangement: Sen


Alternatively, go bold with a big, bright statement piece at your entryway to leave an impression on your visitors from the start.

CNY Flower Arrangement: Chihiro's Friend

Chihiro’s Friend

Popular Flowers for Lunar New Year Arrangements

Kumquat Tree

While not a traditional flower, the kumquat tree is a popular Lunar New Year decoration. The small, golden fruits represent good luck and prosperity. Displaying a kumquat tree, hanging some loose kumquats on your floral arrangements or gifting one to your friends and family as a potted plant is a wonderful way to enhance the festive atmosphere.

CNY Flower Arrangement: The River Dragon

The River Dragon

Pussy Willow

In Chinese culture, the pussy willow is associated with various positive connotations, making it a popular decoration during the festive season. For one, pussy willow buds represent the promise of new beginnings, making them particularly auspicious during the Chinese New Year, which marks the start of the lunar calendar and the arrival of spring. As pussy willows come long and in bunches, they look best in large floral arrangements. Here, we have matched them with bright orange foxface and light pink ming fern for a striking statement piece.

CNY Flower Arrangement: Chihiro’s Friend

Chihiro’s Friend


A symbol of longevity and happiness, chrysanthemums’ vibrant colours and intricate blooms make them a delightful addition to Lunar New Year festivities. Presenting a bouquet with chrysanthemums is like giving a wish for a long and joy-filled life.


The peony, often referred to as the "King of Flowers," takes centre stage during Lunar New Year celebrations. Its lush petals and vibrant colours symbolise prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. Gift a bouquet of peonies to your loved ones, and you're not just offering a beautiful arrangement but also a wish for a prosperous year ahead.

So embrace the spirit of giving and celebrate Chinese New Year with love and thoughtfulness. Whether through gifts of money, food or flowers, the act of giving fosters joy and strengthens connections. When it comes to flower gifts, we understand the importance of celebrating traditions with style. With our Lunar New Year collection, Haku, we feature three main pieces that are perfect for gifting or just to deck up your own homes with. Looking for a unique CNY experience instead? Make your very own golden Chinese New Year centrepiece at our CNY-special workshops. Also consider making this a friends/family activity with our cny private workshops of the same kind!

If you have specific requirements for your flowers, our seasoned florists can create custom Chinese New Year flower arrangements that incorporate the symbolism and beauty of these auspicious blooms. Whether you prefer a classic bouquet or an elaborate centrepiece, our team is dedicated to making your Chinese New Year celebrations memorable.

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