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The Beginning

The Studio Vase Collections Story: 
Whilst moving to Singapore from london in July 2014, I found myself rounding up the vases I had collected over the years. This was quite a few but I soon realised that more were needed if I was to run a floristry company in the tropics. With this I sold half my wardrobe in a car boot sale and exchanged them for vases. 
Charlotte at the car boot sale.
By the end of the summer I had more than three hundred vases, that arrived in Singapore with only four breakages. Over the five years of existence we have sadly lost some, but the love for water tight vessels has only been fuelled.
Even Ida the french bull dog understands this: spot her in the image below:
We are constantly sourcing for exciting beautiful vases to sell on our website and bring new dimensions to our workshops.
Even the dogs love our vases.

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